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E-mail Categories

iModules is a system with three distinct "Subcommunities", and each has their own settings for e-mail categories.  In the past, there may have been duplication of categories in the different communities.  This effort seeks to fix the problem by starting over, and setting-up the categories in the top-level part of the site, so that the same categories are present in each subcommunity.

Categories are now set globally in GID=1 (top level), so that they can be used from within each part of the system, and so that reporting reflects the preferences of all users in the system. Previously, there may have been, e.g., a "News" category in the Middlebury and the Monterey parts of the site, so that users opting out of "News" might be confused.

The new categories:
Middlebury Fundraising
Monterey Fundraising
Schools Fundraising
Middlebury Events
Monterey Events
Schools Events
Middlebury News
Monterey News
Schools News
Affliliation Groups
General Information

How it works:
When users wish to unsubscribe from an e-mail, they only see the category from which they are unsubscribing listed:

If a user wants to see the full list, they must navigate to "Subscription Management" in their profile:

In May 2017, Advancement consolidated e-mail categories to disambiguate between categories like "news" in the different sub-communities, and to provide users a means to receive news about x but not about y.