In August 2017, the College transitioned to electronic faxing (e-fax).  

Important points:
  • E-fax is like e-mail.  Faxes arrive in an Outlook inbox, with the fax as an attachment.

  • All of our old fax numbers still work and can sill be used to receive faxes; to send a fax to us, use the same numbers as in the past, and do it the same way.  The change is on our end, in how we receive faxes.

  • You can give the same fax information to people as you did in the past; they won't know that anything has changed.

  • Our previous fax numbers are all still working, but they redirect to our two main numbers:

Our two main numbers:
2081 (General Advancement Fax)
2290 (Gift Administration Fax)

Our older numbers:
2082:  redirects to 2081
2153:  redirects to 2081
2329:  redirects to 2081
2083:  redirects to 2290

To receive e-faxes, you must add the mailbox to your Outlook account.  In "Account Settings", go to "More Settings" and the "Advanced" tab.  Click "Add" and type the mailbox you wish to add:

E-mail Inboxes for Advancement e-Fax:

Further Notes:
  • No faxes are held on the server - which is more secure than e-mail.

  • If the fax sent correctly, you'll see a note from "no-reply@middlebury.edu"

  • You can send a fax from Outlook, by putting the fax number in the "To" line, with the fax.middlebury.edu server address after it.  Example: sending a message to 8024432290@fax.middlebury.edu from your Outlook inbox will produce an e-fax that will arrive at the 2290 e-mail inbox.