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Adding from Windows 10

Windows 10 requires that we add material to Content 7 from a computer outside of this office, managed by ITS.

This computer has Content 7 installed on it, and we will run Content 7 on this computer.  We will also browse to MiddFiles from this computer.  

We control the computer remotely, which is why it is called "Remote Desktop Service" (RDS).

1.  On your desktop, click on the folder icon that says "Programs".

2.  Click the icon for Content 7 to launch the program, and log-in.

3.  In the same folder, click the icon that says "File Explorer".  This launches a folder browser on the remote computer.

4.  Navigate to an appropriate location in MiddFiles, and add your file from your computer or your e-mail into the MiddFiles location.

5.  Drag and Drop the file from the MiddFiles location you have chosen into the Content 7 toolbar.