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Search for Fund Numbers

1.  Launch a Web Browser.   In a web browser, type "go/webnow" into the address bar to launch the program.

Use Internet Explorer/Edge.  Do not use Google Chrome:

2. Sign-in.   Use your Middlebury credentials you use to log-in to your computer.  Leave out  the part.

3. Select your View.   Select "ADV - Finance Documents" from the drop-down menu that appears under the "Documents" button at the top of the page:

4.  Set-up your Search.   Click "Search", next to "Quick Search", then click the green "+" sign:

5.  Select the Search Terms.   In the window, select these options and click "OK":
  • Constrain by:  Custom Property
  • Field:  FIN Fund
  • Value:  the fund number for which you would like to search

6.  Execute the Search.   Click the green "Go" arrow on the right side of the search window.