Adding Documents

How to Drag-&-Drop Documents into Content7 in RDS

1.  First, connect to RDS (Remote Desktop Service), and log-in.

2.  In RDS, open Banner.  Then open APASBIO, and open the associated person’s record.

3.  Open Content 7 by clicking the yellow dot icon in RDS.  Log-in using your Middlebury username/password. 

4. Drag-and-Drop the file anywhere onto the Content7 toolbar:

5.  The “New Document” window appears.  Select the “ADV – General” Application Plan from the drop-down menu:


6.  Click the key  to the right of the “Select an Application Plan” field, and the rest of the form will fill-in the information from Banner, except for the “Type” field.

7.  In the “Type” drop-down menu, select the document type from the list of ADV document types:

8.  Click on the “Send to workflow queue” check-box at the upper-right.

9.  Select “ADV-Complete Process” from the drop-down menu under the “Send to workflow queue” check-box.

10.  A completed “New Document” window for ADV - General should look something like this: