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Case supervision booking

We've received your feedback requesting a continued clinical case supervision (PNF) option moving forward.   MICH is happy to be offering the following packages which can be claimed as educational tax tuition deductions.  You will also benefit from continued reduced rates for supervision. 

You can sign up for the package via the payment page here:

Clinical Case Supervision Packages

Each session will be 50 minutes long.  You can work with different MICH supervisors and you can have observers attend as well.   

Option A:  
Clinical Supervision: 5 Sessions ( $ 300.00 CAD one-time payment.)

Option B:
Clinical Supervision: 10 Sessions ( $ 550.00 CAD one-time payment.)
Clinical Supervision: 10 Sessions (2 payments) ( $ 285.00 CAD for each month.)

If you do not elect to use the package, any supervision fees (charged at a supervisor's hourly rates starting at $90 minimum) will not be eligible for educational tax tuition deductions.

G4 Mentorship Booking - Case Supervision Packages - Book a Session

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