Your doorway to a truly holistic practice and lifestyle

Welcome to your first step in making your life or practice holistic. Discover Holism will accompany you through the most important paradigm shift of the last century. It is the foundation and cornerstone of the MICH Noumedynamic Method.

Holism inspired and formed the foundation for the MICH movement for over ten years. The ever-growing ever evolving understanding of Holism is our grounding, our philosophy, and our metaphysics.

Holism is much more than a concept, a philosophy or a way of practicing.  Holism answers the questions that science alone or philosophy alone cannot. Questions that are central to life, health and well being both personally and professionally. Questions such as: What is life? What is the soul? What drives evolution? What is the ultimate expression of the human being? What does the human being represent in creation? 

I'm excited to share an understanding of Holism that has shaped my life and my practice, and brought depth and meaningfulness to both. 

A Transformative Process Discover Holism is comprised of 5 units that build on each other, forming a mini paradigm shift. The left menu is set up to take you through this process step by step after you read the introduction to the unit: 1) reading the handout, 2) watching the narrated slideshow, 3) doing the holistic integration exercises, and finally, 4) completing the quiz. It's important you complete all 4 steps before moving onto the next unit.

This course is the first stage of preparation towards opening the higher body-mind faculties of the organism and provides the necessary foundation to encourage the capacities that lie dormant, and unfold the forces within so as to open your organism, senses and consciousness to deeper insights, and greater wholeness and health.The holistic integration exercises in each unit of this course facilitate a direct relationship with the source of life and evolution as it exists, functions and operates within each of us. If you are training to become a MICH homeopath, the exercises outlined in this course are part of the fundamental transformation that becoming such a homeopath requires.

The Holistic Integration Exercises are designed to help you adopt a truly holistic attitude and lifestyle: a way of living that keeps you connected to your soul. This is especially essential if you wish to help others with health and wellbeing. As a practitioner, you will find the exercises useful to share with your clients. Your own personal experience of them will enable you to adapt the exercises to individual needs.

Maintain a Consistent Pace Even though we provide almost all the materials at the beginning of the course, ideally you should take one week to complete each unit, and not rush through them. On the other hand, we understand that things come up in life and that the holiday season can be busy for some, so we also allow a certain amount of extended access to the course if you are unable to complete the course in 5 weeks. You can view my messages to you at any time by clicking on the google classroom tab top menu, where you can also communicate with me and your colleagues.

Meet Your Instructor

I am Judyann McNamara, the founder of MICH.  I have been teaching Holism for almost 2 decades and the subject feels as fresh and exciting to me today as it did over 20 years ago. Reading the book "Holism and Evolution" changed the trajectory of my life, bringing in new dimensions that have inspired my life and practice for decades.  
I am excited to share something that catapulted me into a new paradigm that filled and continues to fill my daily life with new meaning. Understanding the true meaning of Holism has changed the way I see life, and the way I live life: it helps me discover my wholeness and my role in the greater whole. It helps me stay connected to my soul.

Even 25 years later, whenever I get caught up in the narrowness of “doing”, it is what I learned in Holism that gets me to expand into “Being”. Before Holism I saw doing and being as opposites and would try to be instead of do (which never worked). I still turn to Holism every time I get caught in any duality or conflict: both internally and with others.

Even though many people use the word "Holistic", very few understand the full meaning of Holism. I am sure you will find this course very revealing about the power of Holism that you may not have previously imagined. I have prepared the course materials with you in mind, taking great care to making the readings and presentations as pertinent as possible, and providing what I felt were the most effective daily exercises to elicit a deep shift.

The Philosophy of "Discover Holism"

The Cornerstone of MICH Practice and Life
Wholeness, the central quality of Holism, implies a reality, system or truth in which all parts or aspects are present in right and healthy relationship with each other. This right relationship -- or synergy -- is what makes the whole being "greater than the sum of its parts." True Holism goes to the core through insight and proceeds to see the parts in reference to the greater whole. When the essence is grasped through insight, all other aspects simply unfold from that understanding. The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues are but different reflections of the same source. They are facets of the same diamond. They are the fine details of a much deeper underlying dimension, a dimension that is essential in the process of healing

Embracing Wholeness
Holism is much more than a concept, much more than just another way of working: it is a meta-philosophy that contains all others, and thus a meta-practice that contains all practices. And, making one’s practice holistic involves integrating Holism into your daily life. The practice of Holism brings witness to the exquisitely inter-accommodating coherency of the universe and her awe-inspiring beauty. This unfolding of life’s mysteries is itself enough to justify making one’s practice and perspective holistic. But there are other reasons: there is the greater efficiency, faster and more lasting solutions provided by Holism, as well as the satisfaction and personal fulfillment that come with such solutions. There is also the gift of a continually deepening relationship with ourselves, the universe and each other as the interconnections of the web of life become more visible and pervasive.

About MICH: Facilitating Holistic Consciousness 

MICH is a vehicle of holistic learning. We have been a leading-edge exploration of health, healing and the human embodiment of awareness offering leading-edge courses in the form of professional training for holistic professionals since 2005. Our courses are based on more than 25 years of holistic clinical practice and research.

Course Objectives of Discover Holism: UKD

MICH courses are based on a UKD principle. Each course must offer a deeper, holistic and in-depth understanding (U) of the subject offered. Based on that understanding, knowledge (K) is imparted and integrated. With both the understanding and the required knowledge, the student is able to do (D) something different in their practice or lives. 


Our objective is for you to understand the meta-philosophy called Holism which provides the foundation for the principles of life, health and disease central to the MICH Noumedynamic Method. 


In addition to being an introduction to Holism, this course also provides a background in holistic health.  Upon completion you will know:  
  • The central principles and origins of Holism
  • The relationship between Holism and evolution
  • The relationship between Holism, relativity and quantum physics
  • The insight that Holism provides in relationship to the life force or vital force
  • The theories of soul: Animism, Dynamism, Vitalism and Essentialism
  • Why and in which ways Homeopathy is a truly holistic medicine
  • What makes a practice Holistic


Upon completion of this course, you will find that you will be able to:
  • Use Holism to move through duality and polarization
  • Bring greater wholeness to your everyday living
  • Apply the principles of Holism to health and well being


This is an on-line self-study course. You are expected to read the appropriate texts and prepare the homework assignments, requiring approximately three hours per week. We suggest doing one unit per week. The dimensions of the course are:
  • Guided self paced self-study: The course is a structured and fully accredited self paced, self-study course with guided online and offline study complete with reading materials, slideshows, PDF downloadable documents, recorded audio visualizations, and holistic integration exercises.
  • Support: Direct teacher contact through the course dedicated Student Forum. Ask questions pertinent to the integration of the material directly to your teacher.
  • Resources: Links to pertinent on-line resources, recommended books, a course site keyword search of all the previously asked questions and all class materials.
  • Collaboration: Collaborate with your colleagues and share interesting links, sites and information through the course forum provided on the course site.

"My relationship to identification has evolved. I like how I can catch myself feeling challenged or supported by my concept of identity and then try and take a moment to detach from it and allow the images to disperse a bit. It becomes lighter when I do that. I sink into something more honest and true for myself."
Sarah B.
Montreal, Canada