Michigan Token and Medal Society

Mich-TAMS Beginning by Al Bobrofsky, Past President
Michigan Token and Medal Society was created by several Michigan members of the "Token and Medal Society" which was founded in 1960 at the MSNS Fall Convention.  Among these Michigan collectors were Pete Hartley, Frank Holstine, Jim Frans, Jim Curto, George Hatie, Bob Lusch, Harriet Nordhof, Bob Williams, Paul Cunningham, Cliff Mishler and Marie Johnson, to name most of those attending the first meeting.  This occurred in the fall of 1965.  Bob Lusch was elected President and Bob Hatfield, both of Monroe, Michigan was elected the first President with Harriet Nordhof of Holland, Michigan the first Secretary-Treasurer. Now, 54 years later, Paul Cunningham, Bob Williams, Cliff Mishler, Paul Manderschied, and Al Bobrofsky, still are active members.    Our current President, Kathy Freeland, is busy promoting Mich-TAMS with Paul Mandershied serving as Editor of the Junkbox and Ernie Nagy as Secretary-Treasurer.
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