Question: How has Imperialism impacted the history, culture and development of your country? 

You have been charged with writing a proposal to acknowledge the legacy of Imperialism on a Nation that was colonized. You must consider the detrimental aspects of imperialism as well as the benefits the colonized nation might have received. You will decide whether to ask the UN to pass a proposal acknowledging the effects of Imperialism on your country. You can decide to ask for more than an acknowledgment if you think you can make the case.


Proposal to United Nations on Behalf of Country X

Your proposal will be organized on a well written, aesthetically pleasing Google Site. Your proposal will employ rich typography and graphics to effectively communicate your research, message, and goals for your project. You might consider making each section of the proposal a well organized, well written page on your google site. You can embed images, charts, and graphs.

  • Executive Summary - A one page summary of the highlights of the entire proposal. If someone was only going to read one page of your proposal, what would you want them to know? This is placed as the first page of the proposal, but is written last. This should also include one image that best reflects/symbolizes the legacy of imperialism. You may do this in word and upload it to Scribd to embed in your Google Site.
  • Country Profile - Important details of the country's history as well as descriptions of the country's culture, society, political structure, religion, environmental concerns and other background information that is relevant to understanding the country. This section will include a combination of charts, graphics, maps and narrative.
    • State of Imperial Nation
      • Overview of Economy
      • Information about Trade Networks and Routes (Include a Map to illustrate)
      • Major Resources used and needed  (Don't be afraid to use a chart or graph)
      • Relationship with neighboring/copeting nations
    • State of Colony that became the Nation You are Representing
      • Geography
      • Environmental Conditions
      • Resources
      • Indigenous Population
        • 565,000 in 1912, 1,845,000 in 1946 and finally in 2010 was 4.4 million.
        • Social Structure
        • Government
        • There are 2 major religions of Palestine are Judaism and Islam. In1912 93 percent of the country was Muslim and the Jewish percentage was only 6 percent. Shortly after World War 2 in  1946 the Muslim percentage was down to 65 percent and the Jewish percentage was up to 35%.
        • Culture
        • Economic
        • Military
    • Description of Colonization of your Country
      • Type of Colony established
      • What was the relationship between the indigenous population and the colonizers?
      • How were resources taken?
      • What structures needed to be built (roads, schools, factories)?
      • What benefits did the colony receive from the imperialistic nation, if any?
      • What were the losses sustained by the colony because of/during imperialism?
    • Considerations and Concerns Resulting from the Imperialistic Era
                    You should consider this in two time frames- Look at this in 1910 and in 2010.
    • Human Rights Status Report:  Provide information about human rights issues as they pertain to your country. Feel free to include specific statistics and graphics whenever appropriate. Consider the folloowing issues:
      • Women's issues - including prostitution, FGM, domestic violence, rape, right to work, equality before the law, etc. 
      • Children's issues - including slavery, prostitution, child labor, etc. 
      • Civil liberties - including freedom of religion, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, rights of the accused, etc. 
      • Electoral process and political rights - including the rights of opposition parties, fair elections, freedom of protest and assembly, etc. 
      • Worker's rights - including rights to form unions, minimum wage laws, workplace safety, disability protection, etc.
      • Human effects of war - including refugees, civilian casualties, forced conscription, etc.
    • Environmental Status Report:Provide information about changes to the natural environment in your country as a result of imperialism. This should include discussion of such topics as species diversity, water quality, pollution, extinction, urbanization, habitiat loss, desertification, air quality, etc. Images, statistics and graphs should be used to supplement the text whenever appropriate.
  • Formal Proposal
    • Clearly articulate what it is you are asking the UN for and your rational. In some ways this is a summary of your findings combined with your educated opinion about the lasting impact of imperialism.
         Think about the following when planning your project:
    • Focus on the threads that connect the time periods and how imperialism impacted those threads.
    • You must inform your classmates about your country before during and after imperilaism and sell the holiday
    • The culture and society you are working with and what’s important to them...

Multimedia Materials

This component should be used to help your audience understand how imperialism impacted your country- for better or worse- and what the lasting ramifications were. During your presentation, you will show this PSA and be allowed 2 additional minutes to discuss your country and your proposed holiday.

  • Country Public Service Announcement - Create a 60 second video PSA that summarizes the country's transition as a result of imperialism. You should make clear changes that occurred both positive and negative. Consider your country as it was before and during the imperialistic era. Also consider the lasting effects of imperialism that exist today. and your research on the  Human Rights. You should end with a statement on the legacy of imperialism for your country.

    Specific Considerations:

    • A shooting script must be approved by your teacher prior to production. (Use the storyboard attachment.)
    • All musical and image elements need to be original productions, royalty free, or you must possess permission from the creator to use. (Check out the resources page for sites with music and images you can use with citation.)
    • Imagery used should be large and clear. DO NOT over stretch small images.

The Presentation

Presentations will occur during class. Everyone in the class will be reassigned a new country to be, this time the country will be one of the Imperial Nations. When you present, you will need to use the 3 minutes of presentation time you will be allotted to convey your ideas to the UN Imperial Nations. You can refer to your Google Site and your PSA to help make your argument. UN members will listen to you and can visit your site. UN members will be allowed to select only three proposals so work hard to make sure your proposal is accepted.


Acting on behalf of the UN country that you represent, you will offer feedback to your classmates on a provided form during their presentations.
You will be required to review two proposal sites and offer feedback on the proposal. One of these will be your personal choice and one will be assigned.


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