What if...

 John Foster Dulles had an early onset of colon cancer and never became Secretary of State?
 Amos B.
 The Lewis & Clark expedition had never met Sacagawea?
 Vikram B.
 There was a thunderstorm on October 14, 1962, and the U-2 spy plane did not see nuclear activity in Cuba?
 Maraya B.
 Henry Clay contracted pneumonia and therefore could not propose the Compromise of 1850?
 Devin C.
 The Soviet Union had kept their "3 month promise" to the US in 1945?
 Tad D.
 Robert E. Lee had decided to accept Gen. Winfield Scott's offer from President Lincoln to command the Union army?
 Alex D.
 Charles Crocker never attended Theodore Judah's presentation about a transcontinental railroad in 1860?
 Pam E.
 Jerry Parr had not taken the place of his deputy, Johnny Guy, on the morning of March 30, 1981?
 Katie F.
 Dr. Robert W. Lovett hadn't diagnosed FDR with polio in the summer of 1921?
 Olivia G.
 Secretary of State John Marshall had remembered to mail the commissions for Adams's appointments in 1801?
 Ben G.
 Secretary of State Dean Rusk had supported the provision of Air Force aid during the Bay of Pigs invasion?
 Darby H.
 Upton Sinclair never wrote "The Jungle?"
 Cameron J.
 Benjamin Franklin had been blamed for external taxes after the repeal of the Stamp Act?
 Hayley L.
 John Hancock and Samuel Adams decided against ratification of the Constitution?
 Libby M.
 Margaret Sanger's mother hadn't died of cervical cancer in 1909?
 Natalie N.
 Elizabeth Cady Stanton had taken her husband's advice in not publishing the Declaration of Sentiments?
 Megha P.
 Claudette Colvin had not gotten pregnant in 1955?
 Tally P.
 Robert Morris did not turn down his appointment as Secretary of the Treasury?
 George R.
 The burglars at Watergate had re-taped the latch of the door vertically, hiding it from the security guard?
 Dennis S.
 The Army-McCarthy hearings had never been televised?
 Emmy S.
 Bill Gates gave up computers for good in High School?
 Vincent S.
 Europeans were devastated by Native American disease in the early 1600s?
 Billy V.-C.
 The woman handcuffed during the Stonewall Inn raid hadn't yelled at the crowd to do something?
 Erin W.
 Albert Einstein's letter to Franklin D. Roosevelt was intercepted by the Soviet Union in 1939?
 Anisha Z.