Students involved in the REU Program have access to several of Miami University's research and education facilities. The Ecology Research Center (ERC) consists of 170 acres of diverse habitat located a mile north of campus. This facility employs a variety of terrestrial habitats (agroecosystem, prairie, small mammal enclosures, and woodlands) and aquatic habitats (experimental ponds, mesocosms, and amphibian experimental ponds) to answer a wide range of questions.

In addition, many habitats are available nearby for student research projects including old growth and second growth forests, old fields, agroecosystems, urban areas, lakes, ponds and streams. Oxford is surrounded by the Miami University Natural Areas that total more than 1000 acres and 15 miles of hiking trails. Additionally Hueston Woods State Park is located within 5 miles and is home to Acton Lake and old growth forest. 

Miami University also has state-of-the-art on-campus facilities within these departments:

In addition, there are many shared facilities, including: