About Our Program

For the past 17 years, Miami University faculty have been mentoring outstanding REU students as they complete innovative independent research projects in a wide range of subject areas. During the 10 week stay at Miami University, students participate in group discussion clusters, field trips, workshops, and a short course about the nature of science and ethics.  

Research Clusters

Each summer REU students and their mentors are separated by research subjects into three or four smaller groups called "clusters". Clusters meet weekly to discuss relevant literature and progress of the student research projects. See below for cluster topics we had each year:

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Myaamia Workshop

The Myaamia Center was formed by the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma in 2001 to revitalize the tribes language and culture. In a two day workshop entitled "A People and Their Homeland: the Miami Tribe," students discuss ways of understanding nature, contemplate their place in nature, and contrast ecological change from pre-European history through today. 

Field Trips

Students take several field trips throughout the summer. The summer is kicked off with a three day team-building camping and white water rafting trip in West Virginia organized by Miami University's Outdoor Pursuit Center. Other field activities include day trips to visit a restored wetland and prairie at Miami Whitewater Parkand old growth forest at Hueston Woods State Park. Additionally, there are two field trips with invited speakers where students will get hands on experience conducting research activities in different habitats. For more about our field trips check out this page!