Faculty & Research

Many faculty have been involved in the REU program as mentors. Below is a list of recent mentors. Click on their names to access their websites and learn more about their labs. 
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 Faculty Member Email Department Research Area
 David Berg
 bergdj@miamioh.edu Biology
 Aquatic ecology, conservation genetics
 Michelle Boone
 boonemd@miamioh.edu Biology  Amphibian conservation, ecotoxiocology, invasive species, pathogens, multiple stressors
 Richard Bretz bretzrl@miamioh.edu Chemistry & Biochemistry Wetlands and Aquatic nutrients
 Alan Cady cadyab@miamioh.edu  Biology Behavioral Ecology, Biological control, Arachnology
 Thomas O. Crist cristto@miamioh.edu Biology, Institute for Environment and Sustainability Population and community ecology, landscape ecology, biodiversity and conservation biology
 Amélie Davis davis.amelie@miamioh.edu   Geography, Institute for the Environment and Sustainability Human-environment interactions, environmental sustainability, landscape ecology, GIS and remote sensing
 D. J. Ferguson fergusdj@miamioh.eduMicrobiology Anaerobic one-carbon metabolism in methanogens and Gram-positive bacteria
 María J. González gonzalmj@miamioh.edu Biology  Community ecology, aquatic ecology
 David Gorchov
 gorchodl@miamioh.edu Biology  Ecology of invasive plants
 Bart Gruzinski grudzibp@miamioh.edu Geography Hydrogeography
 Andor Kiss kissaj@miamioh.edu Biology Center for Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics
 Brian Keane keaneb@miamioh.edu Biology  Animal behavior, population genetics
 Mary Henry mary.henry@miamioh.eduGeography  landscape ecology, vegetation disturbance and dynamics, remote sensing, and human impacts on ecosystems
 Mark Krekeler krekelmp@miamioh.eduGeology and Environmental Earth Science  Mineral variations in natural and synthetic systems
 Jonathan Levy levyj@miamioh.eduGeology and Environmental Earth Science  Contaminant hydrogeology, groundwater/surface-water interaction, groundwater sustainability
 John Maingi maingijk@miamioh.eduGeography  Forestry, land use/land cover change detection, GIS and remote sensing
 Richard Moore MooreRC@miamioh.edu  Biology  Plant evolutionary biology, evolutionary genetics and genomics, evolution of sexual reproduction systems
 Rachael Morgan-Kiss morganr2@miamioh.eduMicrobiology  Arctic extremophiles and physiological adaptation
 Jim Oris orisjt@miamioh.edu Biology  Toxicology
 Ann Rypstra rypstral@miamioh.edu Biology  Behavioral and community ecology, chemical ecology, arachnology
 Paul Schaeffer schaefpj@miamioh.edu Biology  Animal movement and physiological ecology
 Nancy Solomon solomong@miamioh.edu Biology  animal behavior, behavioral ecology
 Bruce Steinly steinlba@miamioh.edu Biology  Insect ecology, Invertebrate neuroanatomy
 M. Henry H. Stevens stevenmh@miamioh.edu Biology  Community ecology, causes and consequences of biodiversity
 Craig Williamson willia85@miamioh.edu Biology  Global change limnology; Ecology of UV radiation
 Michael J. Vanni vannimj@miamioh.edu Biology Aquatic ecology, ecosystems ecology