We are winding down, testing is done. We are reading Flush and the kids are enjoying it very much. Social Studies we are in India and using the new text for next year. Students are completing workbooks and working on presentations. 
We are planning for World Cultures Day if possible please volunteer. You will need to have your district badge. (fingerprints) The last 3 days of school are activity based and hopefully lots of fun. 

 If you mention this post you will get an extra Bobcat Buck for your student.

We are in our routine, Spelling work each week and reading Flush in class. 

Thanks to all who came to Open House. It was so nice to see you!

For Elective we are helping with Dances and working on ideas and Study Island. 

Please remember to check Aeries every week with your student. The number one missing assignment is the reading out loud every week. Please remember to sign the agenda for your student.