Hello and Welcome!
This week we are doing a lot of work on Percy Jackson and Greece. Students should have finished the questions through chp 15. Social Studies we are finishing chapter 12 and will have the test on 10/9 or 10/10. Packets will be due on test day. 
Please keep checking Aeries for grades. We are almost to quarter grades. 
Book Reports are due on 11/1. They are oral and will be presenting them in front of the class. Forms are on the Homework page of this site.
I had some technical difficulties and have just figured them out! Tonight is Back to School Night. It is from 6-7:30 pm. Each class will be about 10 minutes long. We will be talking curriculum so the kids can stay home. If you mention this post you will get an extra Bobcat Buck for your student.

We are in our routine, Spelling work each week and reading The Lightning Thief in class. We will be starting our Autobiographical Posters next week. 
In Social Studies we have finished one chapter and are starting another next week. Each chapter has a packet and a test.

For Elective we are helping with Dances and working on ideas and Study Island. 

Please remember to check Aeries every week with your student. The number one missing assignment is the reading out loud every week. Please remember to sign the agenda for your student.