Welcome to Britton! We are working very hard and so far getting along very well. 
Back to School is 9/20 starting at 6pm. Parents will be following their students schedule. 

 If you mention this post you will get an extra Dojo point for your student.Sorry too late!

We are in our routine, Spelling work each week and reading The Lightning Thief in class. We will be starting book reports next month. 

In History we have gone through a Geography packet and test, Early Man and are now starting Greece. We will be doing a project on the Gods/Goddesses of Greece very soon. Each chapter will have notes, worksheets and a test.

For Elective we are using Power up, Typing Club, ASB ideas and Study Island. 

Please remember to check Aeries every week with your student. The number one missing assignment is the reading out loud every week. Please remember to sign the agenda for your student.