Hello, Here is the link to the slideshow!

3rd Quarter grades are done. We will start 4th quarter this week. Keep up the good work and keep checking Aeries every week. 
If you are confused by Aeries this week....it went bananas last night and we are working on a solution. Please be patient. Thanks!
Happy Spring! We have been super busy with Bud not Buddy. We made some awesome dioramas.  The end of the 3rd quarter is 3/24. I have been talking to students and letting them know what the extra credit is and to turn it in asap. We also have a SS test and packet due on 3/23. Also , a book report due after our next break.
Anyone have some 6th grade Honor Roll Assembly pictures? Let me know and I will pass on the information. We are heading towards the end of the 3rd quarter I have spoken to the students about grades and extra credit. 
What a start to a break! The kids were awesome. They followed instructions and behaved great. We have some big assignments due this week. Book Report due 3/1 and SS packet due 3/2. For the packet they have been given a lot of time in class. 
We are also starting to plan for our World Cultures Day in June. (7th) We will be doing a lot of fun activates with the kids and would love to have volunteers to help. (remember you must be finger printed) It is an all day activity and lunch is provided. 
If you are interested in helping please let me know. Thanks!
Please double check Aeries weekly with your student. Now is not the time for them to slack off! 
Any questions? Please let me know!

We are almost to our next break. We have a few items that are due the week they come back. Book report is due 3/1. We will also have the chapter 12 SS packet due when we get back too. Check the Homework tab for all assignments. 

Happy New Year!
We are already in week 3 of the new semester. Congratulations to all families of Award winners. Your hard work has paid off.

Please remember to check Aeries every week with your student. The number one missing assignment is the reading out loud every week. Please remember to sign the agenda for your student. 

We are working on Greece and starting a new book report. Book Report form is on the Homework page. 
We will be finishing Greece next week.  The test will be on Friday February 3rd.  The packet will be due that day too.