Mrs. Brown's Math and Science Homework
Click on the tabs above for Mrs. Brown's 6th grade math and science resources. Click on the file links below for supply lists and syllabus.
 DateMath 6 Classwork  Math 6 Homework
6-2-17City ProjectsBring fine-tip pens for finals block on Monday
6-1-17City Project workNone; week of math due tomorrow, 6/2
5-31-17City Project workNone; week of math due Fri., 6/2
5-30-17City Project workSign & return Ch.9 Test; make corrections on a separate page for credit back
5-26-17 CPM Ch.9 TestNone; no school on Monday
5-25-17CPM Ch.9 Review/Study GuideFinish Review ws - study for test tomorrow
5-24-17CPM Ch.9 ClosureFinish Closure problems (must show WORK)
5-23-17Calculating Tips and Interest wsWorksheet
5-22-17CPM Lesson 9.2.4Problems 9-75 through 9-79
5-18-17CPM Lesson 9.2.3 - Part 2Problems 9-65 through 9-69
5-17-17CPM Lesson 9.2.3 - Part 1Problems 9-60 through 9-64 
5-16-17Field trip to Henry Coe ParkProblems 9-44 through 9-48
5-15-17CPM Lesson 9.2.2Problems 9-44 through 9-48 (due Weds.)
5-11-17CPM Lesson 9.2.1Problems 9-35 through 9-37
5-10-17Conversion review & city projectProblems 9-38 and 9-39
5-9-17CPM Lesson 9.1.2Problems 9-24 through 9-28
5-8-17CPM Lesson 9.1.1Problems 9-10 through 9-14
5-5-17Intro City ProjectNone; brainstorm City Project ideas
5-4-17MAP: Science 6-8 testNone
5-3-17Grade 6 Math Performance TaskNone
5-2-17Grade 6 Math CAT testNone
5-1-17Math Review for testing this weekNone
4-27-17MAP Grade 6 Reading testNone
4-26-17ELA Grade 6 Performance TaskNone
4-25-17ELA Grade 6 CAT testPeriod 3 - Math Review ws due tomorrow
4-24-17Percentages review6th Grade Math Review ws (2 pages)
4-21-17Surface Area lessonNone; bring headphones for testing next week
4-20-17Surface Area lesson6th Grade Math Review ws (both sides)
4-19-17Volume lesson - additive volumeVolume worksheet (both sides)
4-18-17Volume lesson - missing dimensionsVolume worksheet (both sides) - RW160
4-17-17Volume lesson - cuboidsVolume worksheet; sign & return Ch.8 test
4-13-17 Ch.8 Group TaskSign & return test with corrections for credit back
4-12-17Ch.8 TestNone; group task tomorrow
4-11-17Ch.8 Gallery Walk (review)Ch.8 Review/Study Guide for test tomorrow
4-10-17CPM Ch.8 ClosureFinish Ch.8 Closure Problems (must show work); Ch.8 test on Weds., 4/12
3-31-17Review - enjoy Spring Break!Ch.8 test on WEDS, 4/12
3-30-17CPM Lesson 8.3.3Problems 8-116 through 8-120
3-29-17Speed, Time, and Distance reviewSpeed, Time, and Distance worksheet
3-28-17CPM Lesson 8.3.2Problems 8-101 through 8-105
3-27-17CPM Lesson 8.3.1Problems 8-90 through 8-94; sign & return quiz
3-23-17CPM Lesson 8.2.1Study Guide for 8.1 Quiz tomorrow
3-22-17CPM Lesson 8.1.5Problems 8-66 through 8-70
3-21-17CPM Lesson 8.1.4 - Part 2Problems 8-56 through 8-60
3-20-17Box-and-Whisker PlotsProblems 8-51 through 8-55 (8.1.4 - Part 1)
3-16-17CPM Lesson 8.1.3Problems 8-39 through 8-43
3-15-17CPM Lesson 8.1.2 - Part 2Problems 8-25 through 8-29
3-14-17CPM Lesson 8.1.2 - Part 1Problems 8-20 through 8-24; congratulations to our pi winners, Sofia & Jenna!
3-13-17CPM Lesson 8.1.1Problems 8-7 through 8-11; memorize digits of pi: https://www.sporcle.com/games/g/pi
3-10-17Corrected Ch.7 TestSign & return test with corrections on a separate page (must show work)
3-9-17CPM Ch.7 Individual AssessmentNone 
3-8-17CPM Ch.7 Review wsFinish study guide & use it to study for the Ch.7 test tomorrow (Thurs., 3/9)
3-7-17CPM Ch.7 Closure ProblemsFinish closure problems
3-6-17CPM Lesson 7.3.4 - Part 2Problems 7-126 through 7-130
3-2-17CPM Lesson 7.3.4 - Part 1Problems 7-121 through 7-125
3-1-17CPM Lesson 7.3.3Problems 7-107 through 7-111
2-28-17CPM Lesson 7.3.2Problems 7-96 through 7-100
2-27-17CPM Lesson 7.3.1Problems 7-86 through 7-90
2-17-17Quiz on CPM 7.1 & 7.2 (canceled)None - no school next week
2-16-17CPM Lesson 7.2.4Problems 7-74 through 7-78;
quiz tomorrow on sections 7-1 and 7-2
2-15-17CPM Lesson 7.2.3Problems 7-64 through 7-68
2-14-17CPM Lesson 7.2.2Problems 7-52 through 7-56
2-13-17CPM Lesson 7.2.1Problems 7-44 through 7-48
2-9-17CPM Lesson 7.1.3Problems 7-30 through 7-34
2-8-17CPM Lesson 7.1.2Problems 7-19 through 7-23
2-7-17Marble Movie RewardNone
2-6-17CPM Lesson 7.1.1Problems 7-9 through 7-13; sign & return test
2-3-17CPM Ch.6 Test ReviewSign & return test; attach corrections, with work, on a separate page for credit
2-2-17CPM Ch.6 TestNone
2-1-17CPM Ch.6 ReviewCh.6 Review/Study Guide ws; test tomorrow
1-31-17CPM Ch.6 Closure problemsFinish closure problems through CL 6-127; Chapter 6 test on Thursday
1-30-17CPM Ch.6 Closure - Magic BookFinish magic book problems (area and perimeter for each shape)
1-26-17CPM Lesson 6.2.5Problems 6-115 through 6-119
1-25-17CPM Lesson 6.2.4Problems 6-106 through 6-110
1-24-17CPM Lesson 6.2.3Problems 6-96 through 6-100; finish your Order of Operations warm-up if necessary
1-23-17CPM Lesson 6.2.2Problems 6-86 through 6-90
1-19-17CPM Lesson 6.2.1 - Part 1Problems 6-69 through 6-73
1-18-17CPM Lesson 6.1.4 - Part 2Problems 6-56 through 6-60
1-17-17CPM Lesson 6.1.4 - Part 1Problems 6-51 through 6-55;
sign & return Friday "quiz" with corrections
1-12-17CPM Lesson 6.1.3Problems 6-33 through 6-37
1-11-17CPM Lesson 6.1.2Problems 6-21 through 6-25
1-10-17CPM Lesson 6.1.1 - Part 2Problems 6-10 through 6-14
1-9-17CPM Lesson 6.1.1 - Part 1 Problems 6-5 through 6-9
12-21-16Ch.5 ClosureNone; no school until 1/9/17
12-20-16Coordinate GraphingNone; finish graphing classwork if necessary
12-19-16CPM Ch.5 Scavenger HuntSign & return Ch.5 test; make corrections on separate page for credit back
12-15-16CPM Ch.5 Review/Study Guide wsCh.5 Closure Problems CL 5-109 through 113 (must show work); test on Ch.5 tomorrow
12-14-16CPM Lesson 5.3.4, 5-99Mixed Area Review ws; test on Ch.5 Friday
12-13-16CPM Lesson 5.3.4Problems 5-101 through 5-105; test on Friday
12-12-16CPM Lesson 5.3.3Problems 5-91 through 5-95; sign & return math quiz (correct for credit back)
12-8-16CPM Lesson 5.3.2Problems 5-80 through 5-84
12-7-16CPM Lesson 5.3.1Problems 5-71 through 5-75
12-6-16CPM Lesson 5.2.2Problems 5-61 through 5-65
12-5-16CPM Lesson 5.2.1Problems 5-48 through 5-52; sign & return Math 5.1 Quiz 
12-1-16CPM Lesson 5.1.4Problems 5-34 through 5-38; quiz tomorrow on section 5.1
11-30-16CPM Lesson 5.1.3Problems 5-24 through 5-28 
11-29-16CPM Lesson 5.1.2Problems 5-13 through 5-17
11-28-16CPM Lesson 5.1.1Problems 5-4 through 5-8
11-18-16Ratio Group TaskNone - no school next week
11-17-16Ch.4 Test - Part 2 (#6-9)Sign & return Ch.4 Math Test
11-16-16Ch.4 Test - Part 1 (#1-5)Study Guide ws for Ch.4 (Part 2) test tomorrow
11-15-16Review of Ch.4Study Guide ws for Ch.4 (Part 1) test tomorrow; sign and return math quiz (correct for credit back)
11-10-16Quiz on Section 4.2 (Ratios)None; Ch. 4 test on Weds. & Thursday (2-part test)
11-9-16CPM Lesson 4.2.4Problems 4-80 through 4-84; quiz tomorrow on ratios
11-8-16CPM Lesson 4.2.3Problems 4-70 through 4-74
11-7-16CPM Lesson 4.2.2Problems 4-58 through 4-62
11-3-16CPM Lesson 4.2.1Problems 4-47 through 4-51
11-2-16CPM Lesson 4.1.3 - Part 2Problems 4-39 through 4-43
11-1-16CPM Lesson 4.1.3Problems 4-34 through 4-38
10-31-16Marble Jar RewardNone
10-27-16CPM Lesson 4.1.2Problems 4-16 through 4-20
10-26-16CPM Lesson 4.1.1Problems 4-7 through 4-11; sign & return Ch.3 test (corrections on separate page for credit back)
10-25-16Chapter 3: TestNone
10-24-16Chapter 3: Closure/ReviewCh.3 Study Guide; test on Ch.3 tomorrow
10-20-16CPM Lesson 3.2.4 - part 2Review worksheet (both sides); plus classwork problem 3-124 if unfinished in class (Per.3)
Group Task/Quiz tomorrow - 2 questions, one on ratios and one on graphing
10-19-16CPM Lesson 3.2.4Problems 3-128 through 3-132
10-18-16CPM Lesson 3.2.3Problems 3-118 through 3-122
10-17-16CPM Lesson 3.2.2Problems 3-106 through 3-110; sign & return Take-Home Math Quiz on Section 3.1
10-13-16CPM Lesson 3.1.6 - part 2Take Home Quiz (Section 3.1) - no Friday quiz
10-12-16CPM Lesson 3.1.6Problems 3-84 through 3-88
10-11-16CPM Lesson 3.1.5Problems 3-73 through 3-77
10-10-16CPM Lesson 3.1.3Problems 3-50 through 3-54
10-6-16CPM Lesson 3.1.2Problems 3-31 through 3-35
10-5-16CPM Lesson 3.1.1 - Part 2Worksheet (both sides)
10-4-16    CPM Lesson 3.1.1Problems 3-12 through 3-16
10-3-16MAP TestingApply Math p.138 in SCIENCE TEXTBOOK
9-30-16MAP Math Testing - Day 2None
9-29-16MAP Math Testing (Computerized)Sign & correct Ch.2 Individual Assessment
9-28-16CPM Ch.2 TestNone - MAP Math Testing tomorrow
9-27-16CPM Ch.2 ReviewChapter 2 Practice Test; test tomorrow
9-26-16CPM Ch.2 Closure Finish closure problems; ch.2 test on Weds 
9-22-16CPM Lesson 2.3.3Review & Preview problems 2-75 through 2-79
9-21-16CPM Lesson 2.3.2Review & Preview problems 2-65 through 2-69
9-20-16CPM Lesson 2.3.1Review & Preview problems 2-55 through 2-59
9-19-16CPM Lesson 2.2.3Review & Preview problems 2-46 through 2-50; sign & return quiz
9-15-16 CPM Lesson 2.2.2     Review & Preview problems 2-34 through 2-38 
 9-14-16CPM Lesson 2.2.1Review & Preview problems 2-24 through 2-28
 9-13-16CPM Lesson 2.1.2Review & Preview problems 2-15 through 2-19
 9-12-16CPM Lesson 2.1.1Review & Preview problems 2-6 through 2-10
 9-8-16CPM Lesson 1.2.4 Part 2Review & Preview problems 1-90 through 1-94; group quiz tomorrow
 9-7-16CPM Lesson 1.2.4 Part 1Review & Preview problems 1-85 through 1-88 (textbook p.44)
 9-6-16CPM Lesson 1.2.3Review & Preview problems 1-68 through  1-72 
 9-1-16CPM Lesson 1.2.2Review & Preview problems 1-57 and 1-58 (textbook p.33)
 8-31-16CPM Lesson 1.2.1Review & Preview problems 1-46 through 1-50 (textbook p.29)
 8-30-16CPM Lesson 1.1.5        Review & Preview problems 1-36 through 1-40 (textbook p.25-26)
 8-29-16CPM Lesson 1.1.4Review & Preview problems 1-28 through 1-32 (textbook p.21-22); sign & return quiz
 8-25-16CPM Lesson 1.1.3 Review & Preview problems 1-19 through 1-23 (textbook p.15-16);
write homework in black notebook
 8-24-16Accessed CPM eBook onlineNone (turn in any late work)
 8-23-16CPM Lesson 1.1.2Review & Preview problems 1-10 through 1-14 (textbook p.10-11); write work and answers in black spiral notebook
 8-22-16Textbook form - library checkoutMathology worksheet
 8-19-16Metric OlympicsNone; School Notes: Cross Country & Softball start Monday; Picture Day Tuesday
 8-18-16CPM Lesson 1.1.1 None
 8-17-16Mindset Check Up worksheetReturn signed syllabus 
 8-16-16Fill out agendaParents sign & return green syllabus

 DateScience 6 ClassworkScience 6 Homework
6-2-17City ProjectsBring fine-tip pens for finals block on Tues.
6-1-17Ch.8 Test on Weathering & ErosionNone; City Project due tomorrow, 6/2
5-31-17Study Guide for Ch.8 TestFinish Study Guide & study for Ch.8 Test tomorrow; green notebook due tomorrow
5-30-17Glacier & wind erosionNone; Ch.8 test on Thursday (6/1);
city project due this Friday, 6/2
5-26-17City Project workNone; no school on Monday
5-25-17Coastal erosion notesNone; city project due next Fri., 6/2
5-24-17Stream TablesNone; city project due next Fri., 6/2
5-23-17City Project workNone; city project due next Fri., 6/2
5-22-17Deposition notesNone; city project due date changed to 6/2
5-18-17Erosion notesNone; city project due next Fri., 5/26
5-17-17City Project work; Ch.8, lesson 2Read packet + worksheet 86
5-16-17Field trip to Henry Coe ParkNone
5-15-17Soil lesson & notesNone; field trip tomorrow
5-11-17Weathering & city projectNone; field trip next Tuesday (5/16)
5-10-17Weathering reviewNone; Quizziz on Weathering 272509
5-9-17Weathering & city projectNone - finish worksheet if necessary
5-8-17Notes on WeatheringBring ALL textbooks to return tomorrow (5/9)
5-5-17Bill Nye: Weathering & ErosionNone; field trip forms overdue: 11, 21, 27, 32  
5-4-17MAP: Science 6-8 testNone; field trip forms due tomorrow
5-3-17Grade 6 Math Performance Task None; return field trip forms by Fri., 5/5
5-2-17Grade 6 Math CAT testNone; return field trip forms by Fri., 5/5
5-1-17Review for testing this weekNone; return field trip forms by Fri., 5/5
4-27-17MAP Grade 6 Math testNone; field trip forms due Fri., 5/5
4-26-17ELA Grade 6 Performance TaskNone; field trip forms due Fri., 5/5
4-25-17ELA Grade 6 CAT testNone; return field trip forms/donations
4-24-17Speed Review PrepNone; Bring headphones for testing
4-21-17Earth Day 2017 - Climate ChangeNone; sign & return field trip forms
4-20-17Ecosystems + Populations Bill NyeSign & return field trip forms 
4-19-17Earth's Systems presentationsNone; Open House tonight (6-7:30pm)
4-18-17Earth's Systems Project - dueNone; be ready to present project
4-17-17Earth's Systems ProjectProject due TOMORROW
4-13-17Earth's Systems ProjectProject due Tues., 4/18; Open House Weds, 4/19
4-12-17Earth's Systems ProjectNone; project due next Tuesday
4-11-17Earth's Systems ProjectProject due next Tues., 4/18; bring supplies
4-10-17Intro Earth's Systems ProjectBrainstorm project ideas (bring supplies); due next Tues., 4/18
3-31-17Review - no school next week!None
3-30-17Weather & Climate testNone
3-29-17Weather & Climate reviewStudy Guide (test tomorrow + notebook due)
3-28-17Climate NotesRead TB p.483-488 + ws 14 (if unfinished)
3-27-17Bill Nye ClimateNone
3-23-17Weather map activityNone; finish weather map if needed
3-22-17Weather notes; weather map wsNone; keep weather observation ws
3-21-17Finish Weather PresentationsNone; keep weather observation ws
3-20-17Weather Data Gathering SlidesNone
3-16-17Weather Data Gathering projectNone (project due on Monday, 3/20)
3-15-17Weather Data Gathering - introNone (gather supplies if needed)
3-14-17 Sling Psychrometer experimentFinish experiment ws if necessary; take home water cycle supplies
3-13-17Weather notesNone
3-10-17Water Cycle quiz + modelsNone
3-9-17Water Cycle building + review game
(Quizziz code: 546538 )
Study Guide for Water Cycle Quiz tomorrow; Water Cycle model + ws due tomorrow
3-8-17Water Cycle model buildingNone - model due on Friday (3/10);
quiz on the Water Cycle Friday (3/10
3-7-17Water Cycle notes & planningRead TB p.472-473 + ws 122
3-6-17Bill Nye Water CycleNone; brainstorm water cycle ideas
3-2-17Notes on Ocean Currents + webqNone; finish web ws at home or in class 3/3
3-1-17Map Ocean CurrentsRead science textbook p.430-432 + ws 110
2-28-17Bill Nye Ocean CurrentsFinish any unfinished science worksheets 
2-27-17Finished greenhouse buildingNone - group turn in 1 greenhouse page
2-17-17Greenhouse building (postponed)None - Period 4 turn in paragraph 2/27
2-16-17Finished graphing + greenhouse buildingWrite paragraph on graph; bring supplies for greenhouse building
2-15-17Graphing temperaturesSign & return science test; gather supplies
2-14-17Ch.9 TestNone
2-13-17Ch.9 Study Guide;
Quizziz Study Code 621947
Complete study guide + study for test tomorrow on Ch.9; green notebook due
2-9-17Ch.9-3 Notes on windRead TB p.405-409 + worksheet 103
2-8-17Ch.9-3 Notes on windNone; record temperatures daily
2-7-17Marble Move RewardNone; record temperatures daily
2-6-17Heat absorption - urban heat islandsNone; record temperatures daily
2-3-17Bill Nye Winds + wsRecord temperatures daily
2-2-17Ch.9-2 Notes on Energy TransferFinish ws 12 (classwork) if necessary
2-1-17Ch.9, Lesson 2 - heat transferFinish ws 99 (classwork) if necessary
1-31-17Greenhouse effectContinue to track weather in your city
1-30-17Global heating and weather - introduction of weather tracking wsTrack weather in your selected city on "Is it Hotter at the Equator?" ws
1-26-17Ch.9, Lesson 1 - Atmosphere notesRead TB p.382-383 + finish worksheet
1-25-17A Day at the Beach - 2nd pageNone; finish packet (cw) if necessary
1-24-17A Day at the Beach experiment;
first page of packet
Brochure corrections due tomorrow (you must re-submit your gradesheet for a better score)
1-23-17Bill Nye Atmosphere video & ws;
Sign & return brochure grade sheet; make corrections and re-submit for better grade
1-19-17Earthquakes - P and S wavesBrochure due tomorrow, 1/20
1-18-17Earthquakes - liquefaction &  brochureBrochure due Friday, 1/20
1-17-17Earthquakes - tsunamis &  brochureBrochure due Friday, 1/20
1-12-17Earthquake planningNone (brainstorm for building tomorrow)
1-11-17Earthquake brochureNone; brochure due 1/20
1-10-17Earthquakes - brochure (due 1/20)Read Textbook Ch.6, lesson 4 p.270-278
1-9-17Earthquakes - Bill Nye video & wsNone
12-21-16Simple Machine PresentationsNone; no school until 1/9/17
12-20-16Simple Machine Rescue ScenarioBring supplies; machine due tomorrow
12-19-16Simple Machine Rescue ScenarioBring supplies; machine due Wednesday
12-15-16Simple Machine Rescue ScenarioPlanning page; machine due Wednesday, 12/21 (classwork)
12-14-16Ch. 5 TestNone
12-13-16Ch.5 Review & Study GuideFinish Study Guide & study for the test tomorrow (+ green notebook due)
12-12-16Ch.5 Virtual Lab & ReviewNone; Ch.Test on Wednesday + green science notebook due Wednesday
12-8-16California Geology Worksheet on Lesson 2, TB p.223-227
12-7-16Started CA Geography group posterNone; poster (classwork) due Friday, 12/9
12-6-16Convergent Boundary NotesFinish worksheet 50 on TB p.218-221
12-5-16Divergent Boundary Notes + Plate Tectonics link/questions wsTurn in classwork; P.J. Day tomorrow
12-1-16Fault notes & block practiceWorksheet 49 (for TB p.210-213); oral assessment on faults, using models, Friday
11-30-16Fault blocks & plate boundariesNone
11-29-16Fault blocks & plate boundariesFinish coloring and cutting out fault blocks to assemble tomorrow; read TB p.210-213
11-28-16Oreo Plate TectonicsNone - keep colored pages for tomorrow
11-18-16Ch.4 Review GamesNone - no school next week
11-17-16Hawaiian Islands GeographyNone -  Thank you for birthday wishes! :) 
11-16-16 5-paragraph essay5-paragraph essay due TOMORROW (11/17); essay = test grade for Science Ch.4
11-15-165-paragraph essay5-paragraph essay due Thurs. (11/17); 
essay = test grade for Science Ch.4
11-10-16Started 5-paragraph essayNone; 5-paragraph essay due Thurs. (11/17);
essay = test grade for Science Ch.4
11-9-16Ring of Fire documentaryNone
11-8-16Notes on Plate Tectonics evidenceRead Ch.4, lesson 3 (p.183-193) + ws 43
11-7-16Mapping Tectonic PlatesNone (finish classwork if necessary)
11-3-16Seafloor Spreading paragraphFinish paragraph (type or write final draft)
11-2-16Seafloor Spreading activity + lab sheetNone
11-1-16Notes on Seafloor SpreadingRead Ch.4, lesson 2 (p.174-181) + worksheet
10-31-16Marble Jar RewardNone
10-27-16Continental Drift group paragraphNone- finish paragraph if necessary
10-26-16Wegener/Pangea notesNone
10-25-16Pangea puzzle - Part 2Read Ch.4, lesson 1 and complete worksheet; finish map & Pangea ws
10-24-16Pangea puzzle - Part 1Parents sign & return Ch.3 Science Test
(corrections on separate sheet for credit back)
10-20-16Study Guide for Ch.3Study for test on Ch.3 tomorrow; turn in Study Guide and green science notebook
+ Thermos project due tomorrow
10-19-16Insulators & Conductors + notesNone; test on Ch.3 Friday + thermos due Fri
10-18-163 Types of Heat Transfer + notesRead Ch.3, lesson 4 + worksheet; typed paragraph due tomorrow
10-17-16Rube Goldberg Paragraph/OrganizerParagraph due Wednesday (10/19); thermos project due Friday (10/21); test on Ch.3 Friday
10-13-16Rube Goldberg MachinesMachine & NoteTaker due tomorrow
10-12-16Bill Nye: Heat + worksheetNone NoteTaker and Rube Goldberg machine due this Friday, 10/14
10-11-16Temperature & Heat NotesRead Ch.3, lesson 3 in TB (p.139-143) and complete worksheet (both sides)
10-10-16Thermal Energy NotesNone - NoteTaker and Rube Goldberg machine due this Friday, 10/14
10-6-16Energy review + Rube Goldberg workLabeled machine diagram + materials list due tomorrow
10-5-16Sound LabNone - machine diagram due Friday, 10/7
10-4-16Rube Goldberg instruction packetFinish first 3 pages of Rube Goldberg packet
10-3-16MAP Science TestingNone - Rube Goldberg machine planning
 9-30-16Brainstorm Rube Goldberg machines (group project = 2 weeks)1st Due Date: 10/7 (design/drawing; materials)
2nd Due Date: 10/14 (final machine built)
 9-29-16Reading Ch.3, lesson 2Worksheet 21
 9-28-16Kinetic & potential energy None - search "Rube Goldberg Machine Middle School" online to get ideas for project
 9-27-16Textbook lesson + note takingFinish worksheet 11 + reading p.124-130 
 9-26-16Bill Nye: Energy + worksheetNone
 9-22-16Study Guide + review for testStudy for the Science quiz tomorrow (Fri.) + notebook & Study Guide due tomorrow. 
 9-21-16Bill Nye: Earth's Crust + group paragraph on layers of the Earth Study for the Science quiz on Friday here:
 9-20-16Notes + Read textbook p.102-108Finish reading + worksheet 19; quiz on Friday on Chapter 2, lessons 2 & 3
 9-19-16M&M Earth Lab & wsNone
 9-15-16Rock Cycle Interactive + notes Write paragraph on 3 kinds of rocks (see directions, word bank, & frames on ws)
 9-14-16     Rock Sorting Lab + notes/framesBack to School Night tonight, 6pm-7:30pm
 9-13-16Bill Nye: Rocks + textbook (Chapter 2, Lesson 2 - part 2)Finish reading science textbook p.95-101 & complete graphic organizer note page
 9-12-16Virtual lab on rocks + notes Sign & return Science Quiz 1
 9-8-16Complete Study Guide for test tomorrow on Ch1-1, 2-1, 2-2 on mineralsUse study guide to study for test tomorrow (Friday) + science notebook due; review with Quizziz 520948
 9-7-16Notes on minerals, TB p.86-88Test on Friday ( + science notebook due Friday): Ch1-1, 2-1, 2-2 on minerals
 9-6-16Mineral lab & Quizziz reviewRead p.86-88 in science textbook 
 9-1-16Worked on final draft of landforms mapLandforms map due by end of class tomorrow (Friday). See instructions at bottom of landforms page here. See examples here.
 8-31-16Started autobiographic landforms map (questions, directions, and rough draft)Landforms map due Friday - work on rough draft
 8-30-16Notes on landforms shaped by erosion; read p.80Finish reading Chapter 2, lesson 1 (p.81-84) & complete worksheet
 8-29-16Notes on landforms made by uplift; read textbook Ch.2, lesson 1 p.78-79None
 8-25-16Notes on latitude & longitudeCh.1 Mapping vocabulary ws
 8-24-16Mapping - Virtual LabNone
 8-23-16Read Science textbook Chapter 1, Lesson 1 (+ "Before" column on ws)Finish Ch.1, Lesson 1 ws ("After" column)
 8-22-16Metric conversion notes & practice Parents sign & return textbook forms 
 8-19-16Metric Olympics; Chromebook and Google Classroom sign-inNone
 8-18-16Metric Scavenger HuntLab Coat due tomorrow
 8-17-16Metric Me worksheetLab Coat due Friday
 8-16-16Started Lab Coat activityParents sign & return green syllabus
Lab Coat due Friday

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