In science, with the new Next Generation Science Standards, (NGSS) it is important to have an effective pedagogy, offering multiple entry points for students with varying learning styles and academic experience.

Problem based learning, with connections to Project focused learning based on scientific phenomenon and concepts, can foster the development of important college and workplace skills, including time and resource management. Projects can also create a way to develop science concepts while integrating the curriculum, so that students can create ownership and make connections.

 It is important to demonstrate student learning publicly through presentations and portfolios, introducing an element of authentic accountability for the quality of their work. 

Please click on the links to view student projects. 

Pinnacles Projects 2017:

APES End of Year Projects 2017:

APES/GOV Projects 2016:

AP Environmental Science

Glaciers and Global Temperature Change 2016:

Pinnacles National Park Projects 2016: