Welcome to Integrated Math 8 in Rooms 33 and 34

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Britton Middle School
Home of the Bobcats
  Required Daily Supplies

(If you are unable to obtain the required supplies, 
ask the teacher for assistance.)
Back Pack to carry the Chromebook and supplies

Agenda for recording assignments  
(provided by the school)
.2 inch binder with a Math section to keep notes, assignment tasks, and graded papers 
   (One binder with 5 dividers is used for all classes)
9 3/4" by 7 1/2" quad rule (graph paper)  
Composition Notebook
At least three sharpened #2 wooden pencils  
   Note: Students may only use pencils in this class
Small enclosed manual pencil sharpener
Scientific Notation calculator
(any brand is acceptable
Tape, scissors, and colored pencils recommended.
All students must bring their Calculator everyday to school.
Students may not use their phone!