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FX Trading

How to get get setup on FOREX:

  1. Go to this address
  2. Complete the form with accurate information
  3. Make sure to untick the box where they try to email you stuff!
  4. Press submit and load the next page.
  5. Look for the Username and Password - note these down somewhere!
  6. Choose a platform below to log in with...


  • Trading Station 2 - can be downloaded from here (click the word 'download' from the top menu on the page). This is the preferred method, which we will use in school, and you can install at home. 95% of your trading should be down on this when available
  • Trading Station Web - (available here) This is just a web interface to trade, you can still see all the information you would using TS2, except it is not as quick or as functionla (cannot add things to charts, save lines etc)
  • Mobile App - (available here) Useful for checking on your trades, but quite fiddly to actually see charts and make decisions. Not recommended for placing trades!

Useful Links

  • Dailyfx - Dailyfx is a great website with countless news articles that can help you get ahead on where the market might move
  • Economic Calendar - This is also on Dailyfx, can help give you an idea of what might affect your trading ideas, or current trades (for the good or bad!)

Thursday 22nd October

In the event that I will miss this lesson:

I have embedded 2 presentations below, which I was going to go through during the lesson, It would be wise to flick through these before placing any more trades, especially the One Percent presentation.

After doing this, do keep looking for some more MACD signals, Next lesson we shall cover how you should manage a winning trade, because I know some of you are getting profitable now :D

These presentations are also  in:
Pupils > Resources > FX trading



This video is from a company called Tradimo - used to introduce what FOREX trading is.
It is pretty good at illustrating the idea of what FOREX actually is: