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Year 8's - Please complete the form above by 3rd March 2017

We are attending Rock Assembly 2017, the presentation
used by Mr Evans is linked below, more information will be coming soon!

Diary Room questions of the week

WC 28th November
What are your aspirations and why?
WC 21st November
What does Extremism and Radicalism mean to you? Does it have to be about religion or are there other types of extremism and radicalism?
WC 14th November  What can do or who can you see if you are being bullied or think someone else is? 
 WC 7th November
 How will you make sure every moment counts?
WC 31st October
 What can you do to help other people?
WC 17th October
 "What fears have you overcome, and how?"
WC 10th October
"What does this particular thought for the week mean to you? - we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."
 WC 3rd October
"How do you make sure that everyone feels valued?"

WC 26th September - "How will you broaden your horizons and make the most of the opportunities provided or by creating your own?"
WC 19th September - "What have you done, or will you do to raise your standards?"
WC 12th September - "What have you done, or will you do to raise your standards?"
WC 5th September - "What is your main target for this academic year?"

Water Sports Trip
Argeles sur Mer - South of France 2017
Letters available NOW! Open to students in Yr7-13
See Miss Turner for more information
Deposits due 5th October 2016
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9 ways pupils can revise for exams more effectively

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Diary Room questions of the week

WC 5th July- "What have you done to support your community?"

WC 13th June- "Are you IN or OUT, and most importantly, why?"

WC 6th June- "How will you contribute to your team?"

WC 16th May- "How do you make the most of your time?"

WC 9th May- "How do you choose to succeed?"

WC 2nd May- "What does it mean to have a mental illness and who can you go to at school if you think someone needs help?"

WC 25th April- "What is your ambition and how will you achieve this?"

WC 18th April- " When have you had to endure something and what was the outcome (successful or otherwise)? 

 WC 21st March - "What will you do this week that you will deem to be a success? 

WC 14th March - "What charitable act will you do this week? "

WC 7th March - "How will you show mutual respect to your peers this week?"

WC 29th February - "How will you show mutual respect to your peers this week?"

WC 22nd February - "What book are you reading this week, and why did you choose it?"

WC 8th February - "What heroic act did you do last week?"

WC 1st February - "Who is your hero and why?"

WC 25th January - "What does tolerance mean to you?"

WC 18th January - "What is your goal for 2016?"

WC 11th January - "What do you hope to achieve this year?"

Reminder for those on the German Trip

October 2015 - Year 11s will be completing this Post 16 Subject Study Choices form in mid October.

Diary Room question of the week

October 2015 - Did you see our results video montage? if not, see below:

September 2015 - Thank you to all parents/carers/ young people who attended our Open Day/Evening, if you have any further feedback, or would like to get in touch with us about anything to do with Iceni Academy please complete this form and we will get back to you ASAP

September 2015 - Welcome back to all our returning students, and welcome to our new year 7s joining us this year!

August 2015 - Congratulations to all of our Sixth Form and Year 11 pupils on their results, please email Mr Evans if you have any questions!

July 2015 - Year 6s are joining us from the 13th July,
if you have any questions, please see Mrs Cutts

March 2015 - Year 11 students are preparing for their exams,
please ensure you are asking your subject teachers to hear of any revision
classes that might be happening over the coming weeks or half term

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