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11-2-2016 Agenda

posted Nov 2, 2016, 9:39 AM by James Wells   [ updated Nov 2, 2016, 6:45 PM ]




November 2, 2016


CALL TO ORDER                       

KEY CLUB PLEDGE                   


TREASURER’S REPORT: PayPal account being opened for Toy/Coat/Food Drive.


Remind 101: If you haven’t signed up, please do. We are using this a lot to get information out.

Canned Food: 4 cans for 1 hour with a max of 5 hours each for the months of Nov. & Dec. Also pet food: 2 treats or 1 bag of food for 1 hour. Bring cans to A67 before school. School Food Drive will begin Nov. 14th.

Candy Sales: 2 hours credit for a $25 bag. Candy can be picked up in A67.

Committees: If your committee has been set, please start the planning process.

Member “Bank’: Don’t forget this new benefit for members who do well with fund-raising.

Thank You’s: See back of agenda.

Hour Chart: Check to see how you are doing. Remember you should have 50 hours this year, 25 by January 1.

Trick or Treat for UNICEF: Thanks and congrats to all who helped raise $880, saving the lives of 490 mothers and their future babies.

Teacher of the Month: We are beginning a new award and are asking any member who wishes to nominate a teacher that has made a difference in some way. Details explained by Chairs Asia Watson and Abbi Hedrick.


Greenery Sales: This is one of the 4 activities all members agree to when joining.  A few still haven’t turned those

   orders in. We need them now. The company will let us add orders but not for long. Any with extra orders can get

   them to Mr. Hall by Monday.

St. Francis CARE: New project we are going to try, basically helping by walking animals and helping with care of them. There is an age issue though as those under a certain age need a guardian present. We’ll try to get details. Sat (5th & 12th), 9-11 & 12-2.

Toy/Coat/Food Drive: Gillenberg’s. Thurs (20th) 3:30; Mon (7th), 3:30; Wed (9th), 3:30; Sat (12th), 10 AM; Mon (14th), 3:30; Tues (15th), 3:30. Have lots to do and are already getting lots of requests.

Election Helpers: Tues (8th), 7-10 PM. Meet at the Courthouse. Ask for Larry Reinhardt.

Auditorium Move: We need to get everything out of our office backstage and into alternate storage. We have a good start but need a good shift to keep this going. Tues (8th), after school.

St. Andrew’s Veterans’ Luncheon: Thurs (10th), 10:30-1; meet in St. Andrew’s cafeteria. Wear red/white/blue.

Concession Stand move: Fri (11th), 1 PM. A truck or two would be a big help. Meet at football concessions.

Wee Care fund-raising dinner: Sat (12th), 3:30-8; St. Ann’s church in Raddle (Rt. 3). Wee Care donated almost $5000

   to the Christmas drive so we really need to support this. Dress neatly.

KC/Kiwanis Chicken & Dumpling Dinner: Sun (13th), 10:30-2:30; KC Hall. Dress neatly. Also 1 hour for bringing a

   dessert (brownies, cake, pie, etc.). Can drop those off with Mr. Hall if you aren’t working.

Manor Court Bingo: Sun (13th), 1:30, need workers and food.

St. Andrews After School: 3:30-5; Please, no more than 4 and if you are signed up, be there the entire time.

   Thurs (3rd), Fri (4th), Mon (7th), Tues (8th), Wed (9th), Thurs (10th), Fri (11th), Mon (14th). Tues (15th), Wed (16th).

Kiwanis Meetings: Mon (7th &14th), S.T.A.R.T. building on Manning St.; meal provided.

Veteran's Free Lemonade and Hot Dog Stand: Ewbank insurance agency 10am-2pm Helping to serve free lemonade and hotdogs to veterns. 

Next Meeting: Wed (16th).

UPCOMING DATES: Toy/Coat/Food Drive Main Delivery Day: Dec. 10. Please plan ahead to help.


ATTENDANCE AWARD: $30.00                              

DOOR PRIZES