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Interest Groups

MHRN Scientific Interest Groups

Our Scientific Interest Groups (SIGs) are open to anyone.  Activities range from developing manuscripts and grant proposals to exploring ways to improve data and analyses.  Visit the pages below or contact one of the SIG lead investigators to learn more.
  • Mental-Physical Comorbidity:  Examining potential papers, projects and proposals related to co-morbid  medical conditions in people with mental illness, both locally and collaboratively across MHRN.                  Lead investigator:  Rebecca Rossom, MD, MSCR, 952-883-5466, Rebecca.C.Rossom@HealthPartners.com
  • Suicide Prevention:  Exploring ways to standardize risk assessment, identify suicidal ideation, and intervene to prevent suicidal behavior.  Lead investigator:  Brian Ahmedani, PhD, 313-874-5454, BAHMEDA1@hfhs.org