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Capabilities & Resources

Shared capabilities and resources within MHRN improve the speed, efficiency, and generalizability of mental health research.

MHRN has taken advantage of the well-established infrastructure provided by the HMO Research Network and built upon these unique capabilities to help speed and streamline multi-site studies in mental health clinical and health services research.  

Virtual Data Warehouse. Building upon the HMORN distributed data model, MHRN has developed a comprehensive distributed warehouse of computerized records data regarding mental health diagnoses and treatments at all 11 sites. This data resource dramatically increases the efficiency of ongoing and future research while protecting patient privacy. Read more about the Virtual Data Warehouse Workgroup's Activities.

Assessment Tools.   The MHRN Assessment Workgroup organized and documented a standardized battery of mental health measures for research and created an Endnote Assessment Library for public use. Read more about the Assessment Workgroup's activities.

Human Subjects Protection. The MHRN Human Subjects Protection Workgroup created an inventory of state regulations and institutional policies regarding mental health research. In addition, the workgroup identified and will disseminate best practices for research recruitment, informed consent, and privacy protection – explicitly considering consumers’ preferences. Read more about the Human Subjects Protection Workgroup's activities.

Real-Time Surveillance.  MHRN uses computerized records and state-of-the-art statistical methods to identify and examine emerging patterns in mental health diagnoses and treatments. Read more about the Emerging Issues and Surveillance Core activities.

Health System and Stakeholder Engagement.   MHRN's Engagement Core developed and implemented a standard procedure for engaging health system leaders and external stakeholders regarding prioritizing research questions and dissemination of results, and to provide input on MHRN's strategic direction.  

Other Resources.  The HMO Research Network has developed a collaboration toolkit to streamline multi-site research.  Access these collaboration resources on the HMORN website.