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Our mission is to improve the understanding and management of mental health conditions through a closer connection between research, practice, and policy.

MHRN aims to develop methods to improve our understanding of mental health conditions and for evaluating treatment effectiveness.  This mission spans a wide range of mental health conditions and care that impacts all ages (children, adolescents, adults, and seniors).

MHRN research centers partner with health systems that finance and provide care for a diverse population of over 10 million people in 12 states, sharing a rich and compatible data resources to support a range of clinical and health services research. Diversity of member demographics, insurance coverage, and organization of healthcare services as well as access to computerized medical records and insurance claims data make this network an ideal environment for:
  • Identifying research questions that matter to patients, healthcare providers, and healthcare systems 
  • Efficiently answering those questions involving real-world patients and providers
  • Disseminating and implementing research results
MHRN's long-term objectives include:
  • Facilitating observational studies using large linked databases from diverse healthcare organizations
  • Developing and implementing efficient methods for evaluating the effectiveness of mental health treatments
  • Facilitating collaboration with additional health systems and external investigators
  • Developing and evaluating methods for disseminating, implementing, and sustaining effective practices
  • Serving as a national resource for researchers, patients, providers, health systems, and policy makers

"By studying these diverse populations, we hope to learn more quickly and efficiently what causes mental disorders and what works - and what doesn't - in mental health care.  We hope to break down the barriers between research and real-world health care delivery - and take what we learn about what works best for which patients and apply it to tailor care better to individual patients."   Greg Simon, MD, MPH, MHRN Principal Investigator

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