Welcome to the Mental Health Research Network - a consortium of 13 health system research centers dedicated to improving patient mental health through research, practice, and policy    MHRN Fact Sheet
MHRN is based in the HMO Research Network (HMORN), a consortium of 19 public-domain research centers based in not-for-profit health care systems.  MHRN research centers have a long history of innovative collaboration with unique capabilities and shared resources for multi-site research.  We partner with health systems that serve a diverse and representative population of more than 12.5 million patients in 15 states.  Our goal is to dramatically improve the size, speed, and efficiency of clinical and health services research in mental health.  You can join us in this effort.  Learn how...

Research Highlights 
  • Half of people dying by suicide had contact with health care in the month prior to death; only one quarter known to have any mental health need.
  • Recent reports of antipsychotic medication use in pediatric populations describe large increases in rates of use.  MHRN data used to examine use in kids.


MHRN Infrastructure leveraged to support new research projects on a variety of topics such as first-episode psychosis and suicide prevention.

Christine Lu, PhD, Harvard Medical School and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute, receives an Early Career Investigator award. 

Greg Simon, MD, MPH, MHRN PI, leads one of the seven demonstration projects chosen by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to be part of its Health Care Systems Research Collaboratory.  
MHRN II - MHRN researchers submitted an application to NIMH for 5 years of funding to sustain and expand MHRN.  MHRN would expand to 13 research centers in systems serving 12.5 million patients.  

MHRN Current Activities
MHRN activities include research projectsinfrastructure workgroups, and interest groups focused on topics as diverse as perinatal depression, suicide prevention, and the creation and implementation of an autism disease registry. 

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