Welcome to MHCS Language Department!  
The Language Department consists of:
  • Language Dean: Menghsin Li (李孟欣)
  • Deputy Language Dean:()
  • Teacher crew including 22 lead teachers and 5 assistant teachers
The teachers are full of knowledge, enthusiasm, and patience.  I'm sure with their devotion and your encouragement, your children will have a wonderful and accomplished school year.
Teaching Objectives
To best suit every student's need with different learning background, we offer 2 major tracks in Language Department:  Traditional track and Bilingual track:
  • Traditional track:  Classes ranging from Pre-K (小甲) to level 10 (十甲).  The target students are families and students who have Chinese exposure at home and are able to understand in Chinese.  
  • Bilingual track:  Classes ranging from BL-PK to BL-8.  The target students are families and students who have limited or no Chinese exposure at home.  In other words, teachers will mostly speak English in class.
Please refer to the teaching objectives for each track: 
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