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Mr. Bernstein, Physical Education Teacher
Office Room 921 - Phone: 212-696-0195 Ext: 1510

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45% Standard One – Personal Health and Fitness (Necessary knowledge and skills to establish and maintain physical fitness in a variety of experiences) 

Includes: Student will demonstrate - Skill Performance, Knowledge (content), and Fitness Knowledge and performance in various activities and experiences. Competency and proficiency in activity (6 competent, 3 proficient) 

45% Standard Two – Safe and Healthy Environment (Personal and Social Responsibility) 

Includes: Student will demonstrate when engaged in physical activity - Respect, sportsmanship, physically and emotionally safe movement and interactions on a daily basis. 

10% Standard Three – Resource Management (Understand and manage community resources) 


Physical Education Mission Statement

Murray Hill Academy Physical Education is an integral part of the total education process.  The adage, "a sound mind in a sound body" is still very appropriate today.  Schools are responsible for the total development of the student and must be committed to developing the body as well as the mind.  Our mission in physical education is to develop each student to his/her fullest potential for future success in society.  Physical Education teaches how and why the body moves and promotes the mental and social development of the child through physical activity.  Physical Education is also committed to providing all students with the knowledge and skills to become healthy and active individuals. By participating regularly in a broad spectrum of activities, students have a channel of learning that allows each of them, regardless of ability, to meet physical challenges, develop essential motor skills, assess individual abilities, appreciate the fun and joy of human movement, and at the same time develop strategies for improvement.

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