Ms. Maltby & Ms. Boucher's
Class Website

This website was designed especially for the students in Class 3-409. Here you will find resources to extend your understanding of topics discussed in our everyday classroom learning.  In addition, you will find some important information regarding homework and classroom activities. 

What Are We Learning About in Our Classroom?

Our current unit of study in reading is centered around people and nature. We have learned about how gardens enrich our lives, as well as how people explain nature in order to understand it. We have been improving our comprehension skills in respect to cause and effect, as well as determining the author's purpose.

In Writing, we are finishing up our unit of study on persuasive writing. We have used our knowledge of Switzerland to help us write travel brochures that will persuade people to visit Switzerland. Our upcoming unit of study will focus on creative writing.

In Math, we have finished our study of fractions and have been reviewing concepts learned in third grade to reinforce our understanding, as well as to prepare us for an end-of-year assessment and ultimately, fourth grade.

Social Studies:
In Social Studies, we are finishing up our unit of study of Europe with our focus on Switzerland. We look forward to developing travel brochures about Switzerland so that we may share all the knowledge we have gained.

In Science, we have been observing different creatures and learning about their anatomy. Please check in with your child to see what discoveries they have made through their observations.

Class 3-409