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Q 2: Week of 10/28/19

Citizenship grid 5 min

Vocab Game: Make a Grid (4 x 4) (10 min)

martes, 28 de octubre

(10 min)
¿Qué hay en la sala de clase? - discuss how many tables, chairs, etc. there are in the classroom.

    Take an inventory of all of the things in the classroom. 
    -See Google Classroom for Table

    Quizlet when you are finished!

miercoles, 30 de octubre

CP page 41 and 42 (alone)/Quizlet  (10 min)

Listening Activity: Draw what I describe (10 min)

Thursday - game day

Quizlet Live (5-10 min)

Jeopardy (10 min)

Doubles (10 min)

Battleship (10 min)

Cuadros (10 min)

Friday 11/1/19

Day of the Dead activities