Supply List

  • RRES Class packs (take home folder, Quick Word dictionary, Scholastic zNews magazines, and class shirt) will be available to purchase at Open House.
  • Pencil box (label with name)
  • (2) 12pk packages of #2 yellow wood pencils - sharpened
  • 1 pair of Fiskar’s 5” sharp scissors (label with name)
  • 12 glue sticks
  • 2 box of Crayola crayons-24 count
  • 1 package of washable markers
  • 2 folders with pockets (solid blue and solid green) No prongs
  • 4 marbled composition notebooks (not spiral)
  • Clip board (label with student name if you purchase one)
  • 5 Black Expo dry erase markers
  • Headphones for computer use (will use daily)
  • Plastic ruler with inches and centimeters (label with name)
  • Boys-Clorox wipes, sandwich bags and bandaids
  • Girls-2 rolls paper towels, gallon bags
  • 2 Kleenex

Wish List:

hand sanitizer, Wet Ones, hand soap