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Help Desk Blogs

Students in the Help Desk are required to complete blogs as part of the course.  Blogs are designed for students to learn about both topics in education and technology as well as be able to reflect and become purposeful learners.  

Students will be given the option to write a blog bi-weekly for their genius hour or to meet individually with Mr. Akelman to discuss the progress of the project.  

Click Here for Student Blog Assignments

On top of blogs that are commented on by students, some students are required to produce original content for the Help Desk Blog so teachers and students can connect with each other in the school in a meaningful way.  It allows students and teachers to virtually see inside of each other's classrooms in order to evaluate the effectiveness of each other.

The Help Desk Blog is located by going to this link:  http://mhshelpdesk.blogspot.com/?_sm_au_=iHV5tSFKRs0VSSnF