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Helpful Resources:
Literacy Design Collaborative: Back to School Resources 
ASCD resource: Understanding By Design
For Instructional Coaches: Diane Sweeney 

Truthy Quotes

  • "Instead of a “measure, pressure, and punish” model that sets our students, teachers, and schools up for failure, we need a diagnostic, remediate/accelerate model that personalizes instruction, empowers students, involves parents, and provides real feedback to our teachers. We need greater emphasis for a federally supported but state-driven formative assessment model that identifies the strengths and weakness of students, coupled with a less intrusive, student-sampled or grade-staggered summative assessment model for the purposes of state-to-state comparisons and world rankings." Excerpt from Superintendent Woods' Letter on the ESEA Reauthorization Act
  • Research on vocabulary acquisition has shown that students require repeated exposure to words that they are learning, with the words presented incrementally and in a variety of contexts. By seeing how a word is used according to its different senses, students can then understand how the word functions in new contexts (Nagy, Herman & Anderson 1985).