Welcome to Intensive English Webpage

  • This page is aimed to inform you some information of Intensive English course.
  • This program is called "Intensive English" arranged by the School of Liberal Arts.
    This program is for new students who are going to enroll in the 2018 academic year. This course is a mandatory course for the new students.

Intensive English Duration

    • The Intensive English lasts for 3 weeks for a total of 45 hours. 
    • Students who register for the Intensive English course must pass the requirements of the course to receive an “S” (Satisfactory) grade as per the curriculum’s requirements.

The University Announcement on 
Intensive English for the Academic Year 2018

Intensive English (IE) is an English remedial course aimed to equip new students with
English skills in order to cope with English medium instruction. Details of issuing a new announcement regarding IE pedagogy and fees approved by the University Academic
Council are as follows:

1. This announcement is stipulated from the academic year 2018 on.

2. All the admitted students from the academic year 2018 (with ID 61xxxxxxxx) must register
    for Intensive English (1006002) as it is equivalent to 3 credits.

3. Students who are eligible for IE exemption must possess one of the following:




Internet-based (iBT)




4. Pedagogical practice of IE is allocated 45 hours of in-class instruction combined with 90
    hours of monitored self-study through an English online program.

5. Current students with ID before 61xxxxxxxx who have not passed IE course can register
    and be enrolled in the course starting from the first semester of academic year 2018.

6. In the case of students who reenter their study with the university and received an “S
    grade for the previous IE will be exempt from taking this new IE again.

7. IE registration fee is 4,000 Baht which comprises 3,600 Baht tuition fee and 400 Baht
    online access/ material cost.

8. In case of receiving a “U” grade, students will have to re-register and study IE again in the
    following semester and will have to pay 2,000 Baht registration fee in each semester until
    receiving an “S” grade.
Chanida Phongnapharuk,
Mar 7, 2018, 12:29 AM