Dress Code Clarification: Students are not allowed to wear pants with cuts, slits, or holes above the knee that expose skin or undergarments.

This policy was changed this year to allow holes in the knees of pants but students need to make sure they are following the policy. Students with holes above the need that expose skin or show undergarments will be required to change. This could cause the student to be considered tardy from class.

Homecoming:  September 22nd
1:00 Assembly
2:03 Dismissal from school
3:00 Parade
7:00 Football Game

September 23rd:  Homecoming Dance
7:30 Corination
8:00 Dance

Congratulations to our April Trojan Stars
Student of the Month- Dani Rizzo
Male Athlete of the Month- Noah Holthaus
Female Athlete of the Month- Calla Wickenhauser
Volunteer of the Month- Cheryl Vandevoorde

Maroa-Forsyth District Philosophy

The school district, in active partnership with parents and community, will promote excellence in a caring environment in which all students learn and grow. The partnership shall empower all students to develop a strong self-esteem and to become responsible learners and decision-makers. The school district is committed to developing and using a visionary and innovative curriculum and knowledgeable and dedicated staff.

Maroa-Forsyth Mission Statement

To provide opportunities for students to fulfill their educational goals in a safe, challenging, and caring environment.

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