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SVA Resources
SocDoc Video Library Directory - see Timothy to borrow films
SVA Writing Resource Center
Kanopy - free, streaming films


SVA Library Databases: A wide range of all kinds of archival databases, including Audio Network (music), Colourbox (stock images), New York Public Library Digital Gallery (images)

SVA Library Sound Effects guide:
Freely available sound effects and music resources on the web, mostly with Creative Commons licenses

Oovra Music  Sign up for your own account using your email address. Free to browse & test tracks. Must request a license agreement for final films; must pay to license music for use outside of classroom (for web, festivals, broadcast, etc). Oovra can also make music suggestions.

Film Festivals Database - A comprehensive database of established American film festivals, including a sortable spreadsheet, calendar, and interactive map

Be Inventive: Thesis Production Tips in a Global Pandemic! - panel video recording. May 5, 2020 conversation with SocDoc faculty Maro Chermayeff, Deborah Dickson, Tom Hurwitz, Richard Hankin, Mira Chang, Jerry Risius, Amy Schewel, and Rose Vincelli Gustine. A brainstorming workshop talking about ways that you can safely make a film in this time.

Be Inventive: Production Skills for a Global Pandemic! (Part 2) - panel video recording. May 21, 2020 conversation with SocDoc faculty Tom Hurwitz, JT Takagi, Mark Mandler, Jerry Risius, Axel Baumann, Erik Spink, and Rose Vincelli Gustine. A brainstorming workshop with the focus of helping students overcome technical filmmaking limitations during the lockdown and beyond. 

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