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SVA Resources
SocDoc Video Library Directory - see Timothy to borrow films
SVA Writing Resource Center
Kanopy - free, streaming films


SVA Library Databases: A wide range of all kinds of archival databases, including Audio Network (music), Colourbox (stock images), New York Public Library Digital Gallery (images)

SVA Library Sound Effects guide:
Freely available sound effects and music resources on the web, mostly with Creative Commons licenses

Oovra Music  Sign up for your own account using your email address. Free to browse & test tracks. Must request a license agreement for final films; must pay to license music for use outside of classroom (for web, festivals, broadcast, etc). Oovra can also make music suggestions.

Film Festivals Database - A comprehensive database of established American film festivals, including a sortable spreadsheet, calendar, and interactive map

Be Inventive: Thesis Production Tips in a Global Pandemic! - panel video recording. May 5, 2020 conversation with SocDoc faculty Maro Chermayeff, Deborah Dickson, Tom Hurwitz, Richard Hankin, Mira Chang, Jerry Risius, Amy Schewel, and Rose Vincelli Gustine. A brainstorming workshop talking about ways that you can safely make a film in this time.

Be Inventive: Production Skills for a Global Pandemic! (Part 2) - panel video recording. May 21, 2020 conversation with SocDoc faculty Tom Hurwitz, JT Takagi, Mark Mandler, Jerry Risius, Axel Baumann, Erik Spink, and Rose Vincelli Gustine. Focusing on helping students overcome technical filmmaking limitations during the lockdown and beyond. 

SocDoc suggests Films for Inspiration

Articles to Reference:
COVID-19 Risk Assessment for Documentary Filmmakers
DCTV's Black Lives Matter Actions + Filmmaker Resources, a "growing list of anti-racism resources including how to film protests and police." 

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