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Internal student website.  Visit  for more information on the program.

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Fall 2023 Required Reading List
SocDoc COVID-safe Filming Policies 


Equipment Booking
Basic Overview of Gear Check-out Form

Equipment Rental Policies 

Camera/Audio Resources 

Department Printer Driver

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Edit Suite Rules

Audio Booth Guide

Schedule Appointment for Avid Post-Production Help

Remote Tech Support - Zoom Meeting Room

🎥Post your film to the SocDoc website! (Films appear here )

SocDoc Logos 

Captioning Your Online Video - How-to

Closed Caption Tip Sheet 

Guide to Transcriptions

SocDoc PRODUCING Resources
SocDoc release templates

SVA provides all students with the following  services - email Rose for details
location/liability insurance coverage of up to $1Million - can provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) for your locations upon request
international travel support via ISOS "medical, security, travel and emergency assistance" - recommended for any travel outside the US for thesis filming

SVA  / SocDoc General

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Festivals / Calls for Entries

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NYC Screenings & Events

📽️ SVA Film Libraries

SocDoc Video Library Directory - see Timothy to borrow films or Christa to access digital files

Kanopy - free, streaming films - thousands of films

Access to other streaming resources via SVA Library  including, NEW! Oscilloscope, Sony Pictures Classics & First Run Features catalogs, EAI (experimental), Swank (hollywood fare), Grasshopper & the Prelinger Archive.

SVA Resources

SVA IT Student Guides - Help with Wifi, Microsoft Office & other SVA resources

SVA Writing Resource Center

SVA Health & Counseling - free counseling for SVA students.

SVA Emergency Fund - one-time monetary grant to currently enrolled, graduate or undergraduate domestic and international students with extenuating circumstances who are experiencing short-term financial hardship


Mostly Video/Images:
SVA Library Databases: A wide range of all kinds of archival, research, image and topic databases, including Colourbox (stock images + video), New York Public Library Digital Gallery (images), Kanopy (films), ArtStor (art images), EAI (experimental films), and Swank (films)

Prelinger Archive - over 60,000 "ephemeral" (advertising, educational, industrial, home and amateur) films and home movies

Library of Congress Digital Archives - millions of items including books, newspapers, manuscripts, prints and photos, maps, musical scores, films, sound recordings and more. Including a Free to Use & Reuse archive

Mostly Audio:
SVA Library Sound Effects guide: Freely available sound effects and music resources on the web, mostly with Creative Commons licenses

Adobe Audition SFX library -  Freely available sound effects

WeStar Music and SFX library - Search for School of Visual Arts & then log in with your SVA email address to access. Provided through the SVA library.

Dig CC MIXTER - Creative Commons Audio available including some tracks with free commercial licenses. Check licenses for individual tracks.

Citizen DJ - Rights-free music 

Audio Jungle - Audio library with affordable licensing options.

FreeSound - Great Creative Commons sound effects resource.

MobyGratis - Over 200 pieces of music from Moby, free to use in non-commercial media.

Free Music Archive - Large library of music with creative commons licensing. Make a free account to begin downloading.

Sidetrax - free royalty-free music for media

A list of composers that have reached out to SocDoc

Font  Resources:

My Fonts - Large collection of fonts, includes various search criteria as well as a font identification system that enables you to upload or link to samples of a font in order to identify that particular font.

Art of the Title - a catalog and analysis of movie credits, for inspiration. 

Fonts in Use - an archive of designs and the fonts used, searchable by category.

Identifont - large resource for identifying fonts; includes tool to identify font by uploaded picture.  Free fonts available for download.

Da Font - large resource of free downloadable fonts. 

Adobe Fonts - large resource of free fonts available for use in Adobe products (Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects).


Film Festivals Database - A comprehensive database of established American film festivals, including a sortable spreadsheet, calendar, and interactive map


Be Inventive: Thesis Production Tips in a Global Pandemic! - panel video recording. May 5, 2020 conversation with SocDoc faculty Maro Chermayeff, Deborah Dickson, Tom Hurwitz, Richard Hankin, Mira Chang, Jerry Risius, Amy Schewel, and Rose Vincelli Gustine. A brainstorming workshop talking about ways that you can safely make a film in this time.

Be Inventive: Production Skills for a Global Pandemic! (Part 2) - panel video recording. May 21, 2020 conversation with SocDoc faculty Tom Hurwitz, JT Takagi, Mark Mandler, Jerry Risius, Axel Baumann, Erik Spink, and Rose Vincelli Gustine. Focusing on helping students overcome technical filmmaking limitations during the lockdown and beyond. 

SocDoc suggests Films for Inspiration

SocDoc Remote Production Resource List

Mark Mandler's Remote Audio Recording Suggestions

Articles to Reference:

The Race to Make the First Coronavirus Doc Has Begun

A Phone, a Window and a Toaster Oven: How I Took Portraits From Miles Away

Coronavirus Drone Genres: Spectacles of Distance and Melancholia

Ethics of Doc Production In a Pandemic

Film production is shut down but documentaries are still being made. Here’s how

COVID-19 Risk Assessment for Documentary Filmmakers

DCTV's Black Lives Matter Actions + Filmmaker Resources, a "growing list of anti-racism resources including how to film protests and police." 

NY Media Production Guidelines During COVID-19 (Checklist) 

TIPS FOR SHOOTING DURING COVID-19 (Suggestions by Kat Patterson)

COVID-19 Guidelines by country (Updated weekly)

Student / Alumni Photo Directory

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