Steps for Parents - Grades 3,4,5

Parent Step 1: Learning About Inventors

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In this step, students will learn about inventors and their inventions. The knowledge gained in this step will help students develop an appreciation for inventors and will help establish in them a positive attitude about the invention process. They will learn that successful inventors:

  • Keep an open and curious mind about the world around them.
  • Acquire as much information as possible about an idea, a problem, or a future invention before beginning to invent.
  • Continually use trial and error as they engage in problem solving.
  • Continually strive to improve upon an idea or design after finding a solution.
  • Are dedicated, persistent, and most of all, optimistic about finding a solution. 

Parent Step 2: Finding an Idea

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Finding a need to fulfill or a problem to solve is the second step in the invention process. The invention may be a new product or it may be a new process for doing something.  

Parent Step 3: Research and Planning

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Students should create detailed plans for their invention or process. In the plans the developmental steps are laid out, preliminary drawings may be made, time limits are established, materials are listed, and testing methods are defined. During the planning step, students must decide whether they will produce a small model or a full-size prototype of their invention. Students inventing a new process will want to develop an outline for their report. Remember there will project size parameters. Students will will given a display board.  

Parent Step 4: Developing, Testing, and Building Invention

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In this step, students build their invention or develop their process. They will learn that plans need to be changed along the way and that trial and error is a part of the invention process. In addition, they will do appropriate testing and record any necessary data for their test report.  

Parent Step 5: The Invention Convention

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The Invention Convention is the event that students have been waiting for. It provides each qualifying student with an opportunity to display her or his project. On the designated date, students will bring their inventions to the selected convention site. Here the inventions will be officially judged, and awards will be presented  .

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