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On Friday, Dec 5, Spanish 2 students, who are currently engaged in the Lost Tribes of the Amazon (Tribus Peridas) case study had the opportunity to have a conversation via Skype with Nixiwaka, a member of the Yawanawá tribe in the Brazilian Amazon. Nixiwaka spoke with us about the traditions, rituals, and daily life of his tribe. He also spoke about the threats currently faced by his people, their land, and their way of life. Some of the most imminent threats include illegal loggers and industrial activities that involve building dams for hydroelectric power. Nixiwaka currently lives in London and works for Survival International - a company whose sole mission is to advocate for the rights of tribal people around the world. Nixiwaka's great grandfather was one of the very first people to come into contact with a person from outside of the tribe.

Big thanks to Nixiwaka for taking the time to speak to us about this extremely important issue and cause!

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