Welcome to 8th Grade ELA!


On this website you'll find the homework assignments, project descriptions, upcoming assessments and rubrics. Please note that classwork is not posted here. If you are absent, be sure to check the While You Were Out folders in the back of the room for any handouts and check in with a classmate to get the notes and work that you missed. But first, a little something about us...

I'm Ms. Baumgarten and I'm excited to be teaching 801, 802 and 804. This year we will be reading some wonderful books, investigating interesting topics and working on writing to express our ideas. I've always loved reading and writing. At a very young age, I discovered the kinds of stories that I enjoy. In middle school, my favorite books were by Christopher Pike. He wrote mysteries/realistic fiction. Now, some of my favorite YA authors include John Green and Suzanne Collins. As I grew up, I continued to love stories. One of my favorite things to do is to sit on my couch on a rainy day and read. Right now I'm reading The Maze Runner and listening to A Confederacy of Dunces. I love being read to!

My name is Ms. Gutman and I am thrilled to be teaching 803, 804 and 805. I can’t believe I’m teaching some of you again! Growing up I had a strong dislike for reading, especially in middle school and high school. I really resented reading until a found a genre that suited my interests, realistic fiction. Now, I read realistic and historical fiction all of the time. Some of my favorite YA novels include The Hunger GamesThe Outsiders and The Book Thief

One summer, I worked at Barnes and Noble when I was home from college. During closing time, I remember walking around straightening out the books, and reading the blurbs on an infinite amount of books. I used to walk around with a pen and paper in my hand and write down all of the books that I wanted to read. I only worked there for one summer, but I still love that store.  Right now I'm reading QBVII. I'm looking forward to reading with you!

We hope that you have a wonderful year!

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