MELS Visual Ar
                                                          Ms. Rosenberg

Gallery of student work


The Arts at MELS:

The arts program at the Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School (MELS) is comprised of year-long courses in Instrumental Music, Visual Arts, and Vocal Music for all students at the middle school level, with opportunities to continue these courses in sequence to the AP level in high school.  Central to the arts at MELS is an emphasis on the relationship between the arts and world, characterized by the full integration of the arts into the school’s interdisciplinary, community-action oriented curriculum.  Additionally, all arts classes share a commitment to creative expression and exploration in the arts, collaborative processes, and the development of lifelong craft.  Over the course of their experience at MELS, students develop the knowledge and techniques of particular arts disciplines, and at times also pursue learning in other content areas through connected arts work.

Gallery Night Video: