Summer Reading and Summer Math

Summer Reading

Dear Parents/Guardians of Students Entering Grades 1-6:

As summer approaches and we look forward to a well-earned break, we continue to support student learning. It is strongly recommended that students practice previously taught literacy skills throughout the summer break. Lists of grade-level appropriate summer reading books have been curated in collaboration with the Nevins Library in hopes of providing your student with rich reading experiences. These lists serve as guides for students and caregivers to select appropriate books. The goal is for students to enjoy reading throughout the summer and students are welcome to select books other than those listed on the guides.  

Please encourage students to read for 15- 20 minutes a day for a minimum of 25 days over the summer break. This reasonable goal will yield positive results. Parents are encouraged to enjoy reading with/to students all summer long. When students do not read consistently throughout the summer, they often experience a significant drop in comprehension skills. That gap can grow to be as large as two grade levels behind the student’s reading benchmark. Attached is a summer reading calendar for students to log their reading. Parents/guardians should initial the calendar boxes when reading has been completed. In September, students should submit their completed calendar to their teacher to indicate that they have completed their summer reading assignment.

The listed summer reading books can be found at the Nevins Library, which offers an array of summer programs for children and teens. The Children’s Department will be offering their popular Read and Bead incentive program again this summer– the more you read, the more beads you can collect! – and the Library also offers a new Beanstack app on which you can track your reading to qualify for digital badges and prizes. You may choose to use the Beanstack app to log summer reading, rather than the provided calendar. To learn more about the app and to get started on your Read and Bead chain, visit the Children’s Department on June 3 or later; to find out about programs and to register for them, visit the Nevins online at

Entering Grades 1-6:

Entering Grade 7:

Grades 9-12 Summer Reading

Click here for the grade 9-12 Reading Lists:  Methuen High School Summer Reading 

Summer Math 
Grades 1-8 Summer Math 

Dear Parents and Guardians of Students Entering Grades K-8:

As summer approaches and we look forward to a well earned break, we want to continue to support student learning. Throughout the summer break, we recommend that students practice previously learned math skills. Instead of providing a packet of problems, students and caregivers have the opportunity to choose activities.

We highly recommend the free math sites listed below, in the left column. Caregivers can create a student account and monitor progress. The sites are organized by both grade level and skill to guide caregivers and . students may be familiar with the provided sites because of classroom use.

Please encourage students to complete one lesson, or appropriate math game, daily. Practicing math skills for a minimum of 10-15 minutes for 25 days is a reasonable goal, and will yield positive results. The best way to retain skills is to consistently practice them throughout the summer. Although the list provided is comprehensive, you may prefer another activity. Please feel free to use other sites or activities.

In September, the calendar will be submitted to the student’s teacher indicating completion of summer math work. Please make sure to initial calendar boxes.

Highly Recommended for 10-15 minutes of daily use:

  • (K-8: recommended for 3-8 Eureka Math lessons to track and organized by grade level)

  • (K-8 with sequence of lessons to track and organized by grade level)

  • (Grades 1-8 Math game by grade level - parents can track lessons)

  • (K-6 Math Facts and Fluency organized by topic)

  • (Grades 1-6 Math games organized by topic)

  • (Grades 5-8 games organized by topic)

  • (Grades 3-8 organized by topic)

  • (Grades K-5 Math Games section organized by topic) K-8, primary grades focus organized by topics)

Entering Grades K-8
Summer Math Letter and Calendar - (English) 

If your student cannot log into the sites above on a regular basis, they can complete the MATHO board below for their summer math work and turn that into their next year's teacher during the first week of school. You will find English and Spanish versions below.

Grades 9-12 Summer Math

Click here for the grade 9-12 Math work:  Methuen High School Summer Math