Chromebook Roll Out Procedure 
Posted on this page is information pertaining to the Chromebook roll out.

9th and 10th Grade Distribution
In preparation for the start of school, Chromebooks will be distributed from August 14, 2017, through August 24, 2017. Distribution will take place at the Methacton High School Library.

The following steps are for parents to schedule an appointment to have their child pick up their assigned device.

  1. Create an appointment :
  2. Review the Methacton School Board of Directors’ Policy 815: Acceptable Use of Communications and Information Systems 
  3. Review Chromebook Guidelines for Students and Parents/Guardians
  4. Review, print, and sign*** the 1:1 Chromebook Acknowledgement Form
  5. Come to the appointment on the date and time selected. 

*** Important Notes: 

    • Report to the Methacton High School Library according to your scheduled date and time.
    • The 1:1 Chromebook Acknowledgement Form must be printed and signed.
      • If you are unable to print, forms will be available. However, the parent/guardian must attend the appointment in order to sign the form.
    • Students must be present at the time of the appointment with their Methacton Student ID.
      • If you lost your Methacton Student ID, contact the High School 610-489-5000 x25026 . Replacement cost is $5.00.

    • Students can ONLY pick up his/her own Chromebook.
    • Parents/Guardians attendance is optional.
7th Grade Distribution
Coming soon