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*Participating in the fall play or the musical? Make sure you collect a PAW PASS from the office in order to come to rehearsals! We can't wait to see you there!

*SUPER SATURDAY'S HAVE STARTED! If you're in 5th-8th Grade, come help us work on the set, lights, and costumes of our productions every Saturday from 10am-3pm. All students in 5th and 6th grade must be accompanied by an adult! Don't forget to bring your lunch!

Spring Musical- High School Musical Jr.

The audition process will be as follows. Students will sign up for an audition day, either Tuesday or Thursday. That day, students will be put into 3 groups. Each group will rotate between singing, dancing, and acting. Monologues for auditions can be found here. Just choose 1 short monologue to perform from the list. Monologues do NOT need to be memorized, BUT, those who are prepared will obviously have better auditions and memorization is encouraged. For the singing and dance audition, students will be singing a selection from "We're All In This Together." All music and tracks are below. 

Callbacks will ONLY be for FOUR Characters: Troy, Gabriella, Ryan, and Sharpay. These songs should be prepared for callbacks:

Troy: Getcha Head In The Game, Breaking Free

Gabriella: Breaking Free, Start of Something New

Ryan and Sharpay: What I've Been Looking For.

Callbacks will be awarded to those who have EARNED IT. 4th and 5th graders should not expect a callback, but should expect to play an amazing part within our show. We're so thankful to have you guys be a part of it.

EXPECT A LARGE ROLE? START PREPARING NOW! NOW! NOW! If you come into callbacks prepared...we will notice. This show is going to be BIG...but you only get what you put into it! Work hard and COMMIT!

High School Musical Audition Monologues: Here
High School Musical Tracks- Click Here for Vocal Guides. 
                            Click Here for Accompaniment 

Schedule- TBD

Interested in volunteering? Contact Mr. Tallon at cmtallo@ilstu.edu

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Thomas Metcalf Fall Play


November 2nd and 3rd, 6:30 pm

Thomas Metcalf Musical


February 22nd-24th, 6:30pm, 2:00 pm