EXCITING NEWS!  Friday, April 28th, Metcalf’s Allied Arts Program will be having a middle school Cabaret night entitled, “Made in Hayden”. This fundraiser to benefit the Hayden Renovation is open to all faculty, staff, and 6th-8th graders who want to perform.  Have a song from a musical or the radio that you’ve always wanted to sing in front of an audience? Awesome! With Mr. Tallon’s approval, you can perform any thing you want!  Want to be involved but don’t know what you could do?  No worries!  Sign-Up and Mr. Tallon will work with you to make sure you have your moment to shine. Students can sing alone or in groups and are only required to rehearse THREE TIMES.


Outside of Hayden Auditorium there is a sign-up sheet where interested students can put their name. These students have until MARCH 24th to sign up! Rehearsals will be arranged between the participants and Mr. Tallon and are on a “come when you can” basis. Rehearsal sign-ups will begin on MARCH 27th.  Participants will only have to meet with Mr. Tallon for three thirty minute rehearsals as well as attend the dress rehearsals on April 26th and 27th.


For those involved in TECH, Mr. Tallon also has a sign up sheet outside of Hayden looking for people to help with lights, sound, and backstage.


This event is meant to be a fun night of music where students and faculty alike can showcase their skills to benefit a place near and dear to our hearts, Hayden Auditorium.


Questions? Comments?  Concerns?  Please e-mail Mr. Tallon at and we look forward to seeing you at “Made In Hayden: A Middle School Cabaret”!

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List of Voice Teachers 
in the area


Laurel Beard – She has had a studio in the area for several years now, and seems to be doing great work. (309) 838-4005 or

Char Fesler –Char teaches voice, piano and flute.

Michelle Vought –She is part of the ISU  faculty.  

Bob Mangialardi –  He is part of the IWU faculty.

Jennifer Wills  - She has a good reputation with  middle school students. (309) 275-9991       

Michael Schneider  - Great piano and voice teacher.