Thomas Metcalf School Middle School Daily Music Schedule







8:00– 8:35 a.m.

8:55 - 9:30        

6th Grade Music

5th Band               

6th Grade Band

6th Grade Music

5th Band

6th Grade Band

6th Grade Band

5th Band

9:35 – 10:10 a.m.

7/8 Grade Chorus

7/8 Grade Band

7/8 Grade Chorus

7/8 Grade Band

7/8 Grade Band

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Metcalf 7th and 8th grade Marching Performance

Friday, September 15th at the U-high football game



·      Time: Students will need to be in the U-high pit area at 5:30 with the field performance some time after 6:45 in the stadium. Students will play with U-high in the stands until halftime. After halftime, we will go back to U-high for snacks, and then they will be released.  Estimated release time: 8:30-9:00 but it all depends on the football game.

·      Students MUST have their horns, music, lyre, flip folder, and be in proper dress: blue jeans, provided or last year’s green U-high shirts, and tennis shoes.  Students can purchase the shirt for $10 – discounted price.  If not, we need it back.  Please dress in layers if it’s cold.

·      Students are expected to be there. If there is a totally unavoidable conflict, I must know by Friday, September 8th, because it will affect formations and equipment needs.

·      I plan on having cookies and treats after the performance at U-high.  If some parents could come over and help after halftime, I would appreciate it.  I would also like treat donations for that night.  Please let me know if you’d like to help.


Rehearsals this week and next:

·      All rehearsals next week will be outside weather permitting, so please dress appropriately for band outside.  Tennis shoes recommended. No flip flops/sandals.

·      It is important that students get to band quickly, have the equipment they need, get their stuff together, and get outside since we don’t have much time in the period to work on it especially with added travel and equipment time.


Tuesday Night September 12th Rehearsal in Hancock Stadium

·      We understand there are sports conflicts, but if you can join the U-high band for their rehearsal Tuesday evening, it would greatly help the performance. We will give them their field placements this night.

·      Sorry scheduling the stadium can be tricky so this wasn’t put out sooner.

·      All drums come at 6:30 to 8 and all winds come at 7 to 8

·      Student pick-up and drop off will be in the parking lot north of the stadium  (southwest corner of the lot) except the drums drop/pick-up is at U-high. 


Friday September 15th School Rehearsal


·      Students will need to be in the bandroom at 12:35 on Friday to get their equipment and walk to the U-high practice field for a 1:00 rehearsal.

·      Rehearsal will last from 1-2 and then they will walk back to Metcalf.


Plans can change quickly, so make sure your son or daughter is listening to announcements and communicating them to you this week.

David Sulzberger - Director 6-8 Music

Jessen Smith - 5th Band Director

See "contact" for more details. 

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