Welcome to SAROD 2018. This site helps you in knowing the ways in which you can interact with Metacomp Technologies, during your participation in the Symposium


Fix an appointment with Metacomp Staff to discuss your computational needs and see if these match Metacomp's software and service capabilities.

Rapid Convergence Challenge

Do you have a case that runs too long or has difficulty in converging? Talk to our support staff, let's explore and see if we can can help you see better convergence by using our software.

Ease of Case Setup

Dreamt of a CFD software suite that keeps your focus on the physics and keeps the numerics in the background? Experience this as reality at Metacomp's booth. Come and let's set up your most difficult type of case with the AUI (Advanced User Interface) of ICFD++ in an intuitive and logical manner.

Marketing and Licensing options

If you are not currently using Metacomp software and have an open mind to discover the benefits of working with us, are interested in quality software and service that are beyond the typical, please come talk to our Marketing partner, Axiomatic iTech Pvt. Ltd.


If you have good technical background in CFD/CSM with a deep commitment to fundamentals and would truly enjoy supporting your colleagues and customers at the office and at customer sites all over India, then drop your resume at


If you have any specific questions related to our capabilities and want to discuss these with Metacomp staff or its Marketing Business partner, you can reach us here

Technical: 6379258401,

Marketing: 9376114545,