Help for My Legal Writing™ Apps

Understanding the Layout

My Legal Writing™ apps maximize your screen space on phones and tablets. Tap on the Contents bar on the left side of your screen to open the scrollable Table of Contents for all sections within the app.

On iPads and other tablets in landscape (widescreen) mode, the Table of Contents will be automatically displayed on the left with your content on the right.



App Buttons

There are five app buttons across the bottom of the screen for quick navigation within the app:

 Home Button
Tap the Home button to return to reading the contents. 

 Notes Button
Want to make note of something in the text and make it easy to find again? Use the Notes button. You can copy and paste text to Notes as well as type in your own ideas. Be sure to tap the Save button to save your notes. Tap the Home button to return to your previous location.

 Checklists Button
Tap the Checklist button for access to writing checklists to assist you.

 Samples Button
Tap the Samples button for quick access to sample documents.

 More Button
Additional resources are available when you tap the More button. You can directly access the Glossary and Cross References. You can also view this Help, review the Terms and Conditions for using this app, and Contact Us.

Cross Reference Links

A list of Cross References to commonly used legal research and writing textbooks provide support for your learning. By tapping highlighted linked terms, you can view them. The Cross-References can also be accessed from the More button at the bottom of the screen.


Common Guides in My Legal Writing™ Apps

My Legal Writing™ apps provide guidance on how to improve your writing, including alternatives for organizing, structuring, formatting, and editing. Each app provides several different guides to assist:

 Structural Templates give a step-by-step outline for organizing components and drafting content.

Quality Control Tips show how to improve the quality of your writing project. 

 Ethics Advisories describe the ethical implications of writing legal documents.

 Time Savers give tips on how to do your work more efficiently.

 Cross References to commonly used legal research and writing textbooks are provided as a source for more information. 

 A section on e-mail describes how to adapt writing for e-mail communication

 Personalizable research and writing checklists accompany the instructional content. 

Examples of topics appear through the app;  downloadable annotated Samples provide full-text examples of legal document with explanations.

 Notetaking tools allow users to record their thoughts and ideas as well as key content.