Accessing your Private Network Folder from a Mac

The MISD provides secure network accessible storage space on staff servers so each employee can save important documents. Items such as self-created documents should be saved to this location. By saving your files to your Private Network Folder you're insuring their security in the event something happens to your computer.


Step 1: Log into the Mac using your username and password

Your credentials should work on any MISD owned Macintosh.


Step 2: Right side of your Dock

Once logged in you should find these two folders on the dock. 

1) Represents your Private Network Folder "PNF" where you should save your job related files. The files within this folder are securely saved and backed up so they are not lost even if something were to happen to your computer.

2) TeacherShare is used to share files with your fellow teachers across the district and is available to every professional staff member. TeacherShare is not a private folder. Any files saved to this folder will be accessible to anyone within this group of employees.

media_1311015666387Name of folders

If you're having difficulty locating these folders hovering your mouse over the items in the Dock will cause their names to appear.

If your PNF does not mount on your computers Dock or on your Desktop you can manually connect by following these steps. Please also let the help desk know these folders are not automatically mounting by calling 7777. 


Select to reveal contents

When you click on either of these folders a popup window will appear showing you the contents of the folder.


Options for Viewing content

By right-clicking on either of these folders a popup list will appear showing you various options for how these folders show their data. Feel free to experiment with these settings but be aware that these particular settings will revert to their defaults the next time you log into the computer.


Step 3: Adding your PNF (Private Network Folder) to the Sidebar of Finder Windows

It's nice to have access to your PNF and TeacherShare from the Dock but it's often more convenient to be able to access these from your Finder window.

1) Once your PNF is open scroll to the bottom and click the "Open in Finder" icon.


Add a shortcut to your PNF in your sidebar of Finder window

1) In the open Finder window make sure you have the Column view button selected.

2) Find your private network folder (Folder with your username) and click-drag it to the open gray space at the bottom of your side bar.


PNF shown in the Sidebar of Finder windows

You'll now have two folders in the side bar with your username as their name.
1) The folder with the small house is your Home folder which will contain those files you've saved to your computer hard drive. Saving files to your home folder is not as secure as saving them to your Private Network Folder. If you have important documents saved only to the Home folder on your computer those files would be lost if something happened to your computer.

2) The generic looking folder icon with your user name is your PNF. Files you save here are saved to a network volume and are securely backed up and available from any MISD owned networked computer you log into while within the district.

Once you've added your PNF to the Sidebar of your computer it will be available in any open Finder window.
Note: This setting will persist even after re-booting your computer.


Open and Save dialog boxes

1) One of the biggest advantages to adding your PNF to your Sidebar of your Finder windows is access to your PNF while in any Open or Save dialog box. This makes it easy to save and open documents from those menus as you work. 

2) If your Open or Save windows don't appear similar to what is shown on this page make sure you've clicked on this disclosure triangle to reveal the full view.

Step 4: Important Considerations

You should only save or backup files to your Private Network Folder that you normally save to your desktop or document folders.

Media files such as tunes, pictures and videos should not be backed up to your Private Network Folder. Media files take up too much space to be able to store them on our staff servers. If you need to back up these files please burn them to CD's using the build-in CD-RW drive or use any other external device you have access to.

Instructions on how to copy your Media files to your new computer