Set Up

Unlike Google Docs, only one person can be editing a page at a time. When more than one person tries it 
causes things to break. This tutorial assumes you are in your Google Apps Domain or your Google Account.

            Look up in the top left corner of this window for "Sites".

            Click on the big Create a Site Button.

            Name your site. Simply Type in your site name in the "Site name" box. You'll notice the site url box will                               
            fill itself in.
            Tags and description. Fill in the "Site categories" box with the tags you want to use. If you're using this                           
            site for your students I'd recommend making one of the tags your department or grade level to make                    
            finding it easier later. You may also want a brief description, as you might guess that goes in the                         
            "Site description" box.

            Decide who can see it. You can always change this later in the "Site settings" so don't worry too much     
            about it now. You can change this later.

            Pick your overall theme. If you don't like one of the three provided then click on "More themes..."     
            Again, you can easily change this later.

            After selecting your theme click the big blue "Create site" button.