Community Committees

Babe Chick Orientation (Sponsor Training)
  1. Provide training and information packet for Babe Chicks.
  2. Have Babe-Chick trainers available at 6:00 before community meetings.
  3. You may want to only have Babe Chicks in specific months.
  4. Return Babe Chick info to Team Selection chair to record Sponsor Training date and other relevant information in database. 
  1. Set up and take down the outside luminaries for the Candlelight Service for each Walk.
  2. Provide battery-operated candles for the Community to use during the Service.
  3. Be sure all Candlelight materials are returned to trailer after Candlelight, unless you want to keep them yourself and be responsible for transporting them to and from each Walk. 
Clean Up
  1. Responsible for Sunday clean-up after each Walk. You are responsible for being sure there are enough people there on Sunday afternoon to get this done. You may either set up a standing committee, or you may recruit people for each Walk.
  2. Make sure all items are returned properly to agape cabinets and trailer.
  3. Distribute/donate/dispose of all remaining food & drink items from Walk, unless they are going to be saved for next Walk. Be sure refrigerator is empty!
  4. Collect leftover agape and try to return it to those who made it – take it to next community meeting; otherwise distribute/donate/dispose of it as you see fit.
  5. Stack all chairs in conference room.
  6. Store all tables in agape room, as directed by Camp Butman.
  7. Empty trashes in all dorm rooms.
  8. Empty all other trashes.
  9. Be sure anything put up on walls or windows is removed, including all tape.
  10. Check back in conference room area after Closing to be sure nothing has been left behind. If so, do your best to return it to its owner. 
Community Agape
  1. Register each upcoming Walk at to get on list to receive agape from other communities – use as the contact e-mail address (this address will be forwarded to committee chair). 
  2. Collect, print, and provide copies of agape letters received for the Justifying Grace talk given at each Walk – the more the better, but should have at least 20ish (30 – 50 would be way better!) Be especially vigilant to include those personalized for each Walk.
  3. Every 6 weeks, you will receive the Prayer & Palanca / Agape Requests list with upcoming Walks for other communities. Send our agape letter to as many of these as you can. Our agape letter is available at by logging in and going to the Community tab to find Downloads.

Community Lay Director

  1. Fulfill responsibilities of Community Lay Director as described in bylaws. 
  2. Communicate with Camp Butman 
    1. Inform Butman who is new Community LD when taking office 
    2. Contracts and deposits sent in each December 
  3. Provide information to News and Communications Committee chair to be sent out as needed; confirm meeting reminders and other information is sent at the appropriate times. 
  4. Plan for and preside over board meetings 
    1. Prepare agenda 
    2. Assign committee chairs 
    3. Fill vacancies on board as they occur 
    4. Oversee selection of the next LDIT (should be approving Walk Lay Directors about a year in advance) at the board meeting after each Walk 
  5. Make announcements at monthly community meetings, candlelight services, and closings 
    1. Check with upcoming Walk Agape Chairs to see if they need help with community or food agape items 
  6. Confirm that all plans and preparations have been made for monthly community meetings 
    1. Get Fourth Day Speaker (not required every meeting, see Fourth Day Speaker Planner in the Board notebooks) 
    2. Confirm Community Spiritual Director will be present with communion elements 
    3. Confirm music arrangements with Music Committee chair 
    4. Confirm that Prayer Vigil chair will have copy of prayer vigils to pass around 
  7. Confirm that all plans and preparations have been made for Candlelight Services 
    1. Confirm Community Spiritual Director will be present with communion elements 
    2. Confirm music arrangements with Music Committee chair and/or Walk LD 
  8. Confirm that all plans and preparations have been made for Closings 
    1. Confirm that Communion elements are provided, and that Community Spiritual Director will be available 
  9. Confirm that all plans and preparations have been made for Walks and Team Meetings 
    1. Confirm with Training Committee Chair that team training has been arranged 
  10. Include Community LDIT in planning & participation of meetings & services

Community Lay Director in Training

  1. Assist and fill in for Community Lay Director as needed. 
  2. Participate with Community LD in planning & preparation of meetings & services.
Community Meetings
  1. Arrange for meeting locations (6 months in Colorado City, 6 months in Snyder). 
  2. Coordinate set-up and preparation for: 
    1. Summer Social 
    2. Thanksgiving Banquet 
    3. Christmas Celebration 

Community Spiritual Director

  1. Fulfill responsibilities of Community Spiritual Director as described in bylaws. 
  2. Conduct monthly community meetings (There is a guide in our worship booklet. Community Spiritual Director actually conducts the meeting, the Community Lay Director merely makes announcements) 
    1. Bring Communion elements 
    2. The Communion Service guide in worship booklets is the suggested resource to conduct the Communion service, but Community SD may “freelance,” if so led by the Holy Spirit 
  3. Conduct Candlelight services 
    1. Bring Communion elements 
  4. Confirm that Communion elements are provided, attend and be available to serve Communion to community at Closings.
  1. Arrange for music for all community meetings. 
  2. Coordinate with each Walk Lay Director to arrange for music at the Candlelight Service for each Walk.
News and Communications 
  1. Provide information and reminders to the members of the Mesquite Country Christian Community: 
  2. Use eBlast feature of online website to send important news, information, and announcements to whole community, or to appropriate groups 
  3. Send e-mail reminder for monthly community meetings 
  4. Send e-mail reminders for upcoming Candlelights, Closings, etc. 
  5. Oversee and facilitate use of appropriate technologies, including social media (Facebook group, Twitter, etc.), to share information with and among community members. 
Prayer Chain 
  1. Facilitate use of Prayer Request feature of website. 
  2. You are free to establish any other methods of communication that you like, for example, a phone chain. 
Prayer Vigil 
  1. Prayer Vigil is managed on the online website. You do not have to be logged in to use it. 
  2. Export to Excel and print the vigil for upcoming Walks to pass around at community meetings (or whatever method works for you if you are not comfortable with Excel). 
  3. After meeting, record to the online vigil those that manually signed up so that other people won’t go to the website and take their spots.
  4. Prepare the necessary poster of the 72-Hour Prayer Vigil for display at each Walk


  1. Accept pilgrim and sponsor forms. 
  2. Collect the money for each Walk. 
  3. Send confirmation to each sponsor and pilgrim as applications are received. 
  4. Send information to all sponsors and pilgrims on Walk preparation two or three weeks prior to each Walk. 
  5. Notify appropriate people of changes to pilgrim lists. For example: 
    1. Person maintaining web site to update list on log-in page 
    2. Walk Lay Director 
    3. People doing agape requiring names (nametags, room tags, closing packets, dorm cups, conference room cups, etc.) 
  6. Provide list of pilgrims and their contact information for ALD’s to use at check-in on Thursday of each Walk. 
  7. Collect updated list after all pilgrims are checked in. 
  8. Provide updated information to person doing Closing Packets so they can do the Pilgrim Contact List. 
Reunion Group 
  1. Help babe chicks to organize and/or join reunion groups. 
  2. Provide resources for existing groups that are struggling. 
  3. Coordinate/organize efforts to follow-up with all pilgrims from each Walk – this can be done with phone calls, Facebook, cards and letters, etc., and doesn’t mean you do it all, but that you recruit community and team members to “adopt” a pilgrim in some way. 

  1. Record minutes at each board meeting (minutes record only attendance and action items) 
  2. Present previous month’s minutes for approval at each board meeting 
  3. Maintain board records 
    1. Approved copy of each meeting’s minutes 
    2. Approved copy of each month’s financial report 
    3. Copy of documents/items approved by board (for example, talk outlines, team lists, etc.) 
Sponsor’s Hour
  1. Coordinate with each Walk Lay Director to arrange for someone to conduct Sponsor’s Hour for each Walk 
  1. Collect, inventory, store, and re-supply all the items stored on the trailer for a Walk weekend 
  2. Maintain adequate inventory and provide as needed: 
    1. Community Handbooks 
    2. Lay Director Help Manuals
      (including LD/SD Manuals & talk outlines) 
    3. Crosses 
    4. Worship Booklets 
Team Selection
  1. Collect participation information (sign-in sheets at community meetings, etc.). 
  2. Enter participation information into the online database. 
  3. Provide active membership information, team service data, guidance and suggestions to the Walk Lay Director concerning team selection.
  4. The Walk Lay Director will compile a list of proposed team members for final approval by the Team Selection Committee.
  1. Make sure the trailer is maintained in good condition. 
  2. Be sure trailer tags are current. 
  3. Transport the trailer to and from each Walk. 

  1. Provide training, information, and resources for: 
    1. Board 
    2. Walk Lay Directors 
    3. Walk Teams 
  2. Provide other training and information as necessary. 

  1. Pay bills: 
    1. IMS – online database (quarterly) 
    2. Trailer tags (yearly) 
    3. Other 
  2. Make deposits (community offerings, etc.). 
  3. Deposit 10% of community offerings to scholarship account 
  4. Work with registrar to collect and deposit all pilgrim fees for each Walk. 
  5. Work with each Walk board rep to collect and deposit all team fees. 
  6. Oversee transfer of appropriate scholarship funds to main account for each Walk (there are normally about 5 scholarships approved per Walk). 
  7. Oversee transfer of payments made via PayPal account to bank account. 
  8. Prepare financial report for monthly board meetings. 
  9. Provide each Walk board rep with 3 blank checks. 
  10. Be sure Supply chair has bank debit card. 
  11. Oversee preparation/submission of income tax return (fiscal year is June – May) by October of each year. 
Web Site & Community Database
  1. Maintain Community web site
  2. Oversee, maintain and insure accuracy of Community database:
  3. Board
  4. Calendar
  5. Churches
  7. Local Data Collection
  8. Participation Tracking
  9. Reunion Groups
  10. Skill Tracking
  11. Extract/provide information to board, committees, and other members as needed.