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MESITECHMITRA PURNABANGUN is a Company established by group of native Indonesian with purpose to become the most reliable plant maintenance service provider.

Board of Commisioner:

President Commisioner: Ir. Rani Worowirasmi

Commisioner:  Ir. Iin Arifin Takhyan, Msc

                           Ir. Nina Agustina Utama, MBA

Board of Director:

President DIrector: Ir. Hari Utama Djohar

Director:  Ir. Muhammad Zainal Muttaqin, MM

                  Hertriantoro Kartowisastro, Msc

                  Krisna Fadzari Utama, B. Eng


1986    Mesitech formed as sub-division of PT Meta Epsi Engineering.

1988    Officially established as a national private company MESITECH PLANT SERVICES.

First Service Contract awarded by PT Arun NGL for blanket Plant Maintenance Services, Lhoksumawe, Aceh.

1989    Changed name to MESITECHMITRA PURNABANGUN.

1995  Awarded blanket Plant routine and shutdown Maintenance by Chandra Asri PetroChemical, Cilegon.

1996    Expand service to PT Badak NGL, Bontang, East Kalimantan.

1997    Construct Mini Refinery at Cepu for Humpuss.

2004    Expand service to Chevron Pacific Indonesia in Duri&Minas, Riau to do Operation and Maintenance support for their Production facilities.

2008    Awarded service contract by Tangguh LNG - BP Berau, West Papua.

2011    Expand business to do service for Offshore facilities with PHE ONWJ, West Java Sea.

2011    Awarded Operation and Maintenance Contract for Pertamina Asset 2 pipelines and gathering stations, South Sumatera.

2017    Awarded Fabrication and Offshore Installation contract by Premier Oil, West Natuna.

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