Documents (Word Processing)

  • Getting Started and Tutorials
  • Importing and Exporting Documents
  • New version of Google documents
    We're previewing a totally re-built version of Google documents that adds a lot of new features and makes editing much snappier. The new version has chat, character-by-character real time co-editing, and makes imports and exports much better. Learn more about the new version and how to start using it

  • Print footnotes as endnotes
    Choose to print your footnotes as endnotes through the 'print settings' page. Learn more

  • Dictionary translation
    Find the definition of a word in a given language and then translate the word and the corresponding definitions into an alternate language. Learn more

  • Equation editor
    Insert and edit mathematical equations and symbols in documents. Learn more

  • Translate document
    You can now translate an entire document into over 40 languages. Learn more

  • ROMAN function
    Converting numbers into Roman numerals as easy as I, II, III. Learn more

  • DOCX Import
    You can now import Word 2007 files (.docx) into Google Docs. Learn more

  • Find and replace toolbar for text documents
    The "Find and replace" feature in the text document Edit menu has gotten a makeover and an upgrade. Now it's a slick toolbar that sports case matching, whole word matching as well as regular expression-style matching. Learn more
  • Print preview
    Need to see how many pages your document is or check on how your footnotes look at the bottom of the page? Go to File > Print preview for quick look at how your document will appear when printed.
  • Table resizing in documents and more Google Docs features

    Posted: 03 Aug 2010 06:18 PM PDT

    Several new features have been added to Google Docs:
    - Tables in documents can now be resized
    - Custom entries can now be added to the spell check dictionary for documents
    - The document ruler can now be set to 'on' or 'off' across sessions
    - Entire drawings can be copied to the web clipboard

    Editions included:
    Standard, Premier, Education, Team, Partner Edition and Google Apps for Government

    Languages included:
    All languages supported by Google Docs

    How to access what's new:
    To resize tables in documents, click and drag the row or column dividing lines.

    To add a custom entry to the spell check dictionary, right-click your new word and select 'Add to dictionary'.

    To turn the document ruler 'on' or 'off' across sessions, click 'View' and change your 'Show ruler' preference.

    To copy an entire drawing to the web clipboard, click the web clipboard icon and select 'Copy entire drawing to web clipboard'.