Week of November  27:

Social Studies....
**Ch. 4 quiz on Wed. 11/29
See Notes for 11/27/17 on the google classroom slides for Ch. 4.

Preamble test on Friday, Dec. 8.  You can find the Preamble by googling "Preamble to the U. S. Constitution."

STILL WAITING on a number of the Chapter 3 journals to be turned in!  See information below:

*Chapter 3 of the Journal is due on Tuesday, Nov. 14.  Title of visual is "Revolution."

Journal check  11/14/17                                                                

1.  Visual                              10           _____            Topic for this chapter is "Revolution"                             

2.  T of C                               2              _____                                  

(blue/black pen or typed!)                                                         

3.  5 Tweets with meaningful insights.                                   

                                                10           _____                                                                                  

4. Am. Rev. Map/ws       8/2         _____                                  

5.  “Liberty” w/s                3              _____                                  

6.  War of Ind. w/s           3              _____                                  

TOTAL                                   38           _____                                  

*Artifact project is due Nov. 9...See handout below:


Creating a Historical Artifact”                               Handout



Create a historical artifact for your character.  It must represent one of the incidents that you tweeted about in this chapter.  For example, for William Hooper of North Carolina, who had to flee to the back country, use a pot for cooking over a campfire.  Or for Lyman Hall of Georgia, use a bag of rice for his rice plantation which was destroyed during the way.

You may use a “found” object, or you may create one of your own. 

Along with your artifact, you will write a “museum” card that tells what the artifact is, who it belonged to, the date of the event to which it pertains, and why it was important to your character.

Artifacts and cards are due on Thursday, Nov. 9.


Verb conjugations this week...Tuesday...present perfect tense.  Do 5 of your own./ Thursday...quiz on simple tenses.  Past perfect tense...do 5 of your own.
Vocab 5 worksheet due Monday, 12/4.