Weeks of April 30 and May 7
Class Sweatshirts....IF we get enough orders (at least 40), we will be ordering class sweatshirts.  The cost will be $30.  Students will design the emblem and student signatures will be on the back.  More details coming in a flyer soon.

Drama...Students playing male roles (yes, some girls too) need to bring their T-shirts for costumes on Monday, 4/30.  Needs to be a black, any shade brown, or olive green cotton T shirt, no front pocket.  (Available at Michael's...3/$10 last I looked).  Also will need a leather belt with buckle, and one shoestring or lacing approx. 18" long.

Read  "The Medicine Bag" by Monday, 4/30.  Find it online.  (The author is Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve.)
HW for April 30..Finish both sides of gerund worksheet; finish "Medicine Bag" side of comparison chart; read "An Hour with Abuelo" by 5/2.  Find it online.

Social Studies....
Be sure you are logged onto newsela.com so that you can read the articles for class.  (Log onto the site, check "learner", "join a class", Class code is VRGZGK.
Both sides of the worksheet (Ch. 23) should be finished by Tuesday 5/1.
Looking ahead...We begin the Constitution unit on Friday, May 11.  The Constitution tests and quizzes will be the major part of your 4th quarter social studies grade!